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Letter Type Date Gramps ID Person
A Adult Christening 1892-02-17 E1336 Anna Indiane Andreasen [I0403]
    1898-12-04 E1337 Marie Fredrikke Andreasdatter [I0409]
    1899-04-20 E0982 Inger Marie Christophersdatter [I0402]
B Baptism 1730-04-31 E0498 Abel Cathrina de Coucheron [I0204]
    1621-06-05 E1637 Jakob Jørgensen Vind [I0772]
    1623-07-20 E1639 Holger Jørgensen Vind til Harrestedgaard, Kastrupgaard og Gjeddesdal [I0439]
    1629-09-27 E1811 Lisbeth Jørgensdatter Vind [I0841]
    1690-06-09 E2493 Jon Knudsen Holter [I1100]
    1690-10-19 E2495 Ingeløv Pålsdatter Rud [I1132]
    1691-02-08 E2525 Tosten Engebretsen Walstad [I1124]
    1691-03-08 E2708 Inger Halvorsdatter Berg [I1140]
    1692-10-02 E2753 Martha Knudsdatter Holter [I1213]
    1693-03-08 E2504 Erik Pålsen Rud [I1154]
    1694-07-15 E2503 Erik Pålsen Rud [I1153]
    1697-10-03 E2502 Lars Pålsen Rud [I1152]
    1700-02-11 E2494 Guttorm Engelbretsen Svindal [I1131]
    1702-10-08 E2513 Haagen Engelbretsen Svindal [I1158]
    1705-11-15 E2514 Erik Engelbretsen Svindal [I1159]
    1707-02-02 E2704 Sophie Christensdatter Lund [I1162]
    1709-10-20 E2538 Søren Christensen Nordby [I1170]
    1710-02-02 E2970 Peder Larsen Taugland [I1243]
    1711-07-15 E2418 Kristen Gudmundsen Gulli [I1105]
    1712-02-07 E2539 Tora Christensdatter Nordby [I1171]
    1712-08-04 E0477 Johanna Jacobsdatter Colbjørnsen [I0174]
    1713-04-13 E2417 Ole Gudmundsen Gulli [I1104]
    1714-08-12 E2540 Rangnil Sørensen Nordby [I1172]
    1715-07-28 E1569 Ole Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0717]
    1716-01-26 E2419 Iver Gudmundsen Gulli [I1106]
    1716-10-18 E1956 Jens Engebretsen [I0954]
    1716-11-15 E2532 Christen Tostensen Nordby [I1168]
    1717-06-24 E1570 Anne Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0718]
    1718-01-18 E0492 Jørgen Otte de Coucheron [I0198]
    1718-09-04 E2420 Mari Gudmundsdatter Gulli [I1107]
    1719-02-03 E1557 Jens Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0702]
    1719-05-29 E0493 Blanceflor Sophie de Coucheron [I0199]
    1719-06-04 E2531 Ragnhild Tostensdatter Nordby [I1167]
    1719-09-17 E2469 Engebret Guttormsen Svindal [I1126]
    1719-09-17 E2478 Knud Jonsen Finstad [I1141]
    1721-02-02 E2471 Povel Guttormsen Svindal [I1133]
    1721-03-05 E2416 Arne Gudmundsen Gulli [I1103]
    1721-03-12 E2482 Martha Jonsdatter Finstad [I1149]
    1721-03-19 E0472 Boel Christine de Coucheron [I0091]
    1721-12-14 E1572 Niels Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0720]
    1722-01-18 E2530 Hans Tostensen Nordby [I1166]
    1722-03-27 E0494 Barthe Mallene de Coucheron [I0200]
    1723-01-31 E2472 Marthe Guttormsdatter Svindal [I1134]
    1723-02-07 E2480 Knud Jonsen Finstad [I1143]
    1723-07-07 E0495 Ivfer de Coucheron [I0201]
    1724-01-06 E2414 Ouls Gudmundsen Gulli [I1089]
    1724-01-16 E1573 Elen Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0719]
    1724-04-09 E1464 Ragnhild Olsdatter Hundstad [I0640]
    1724-04-17 E2484 Knud Jonsen Finstad [I1142]
    1724-09-29 E2528 Marthe Tostensdatter Nordby [I1165]
    1724-10-01 E2473 Eli Guttormsdatter Svindal [I1135]
    1725-08-12 E2486 Anne Jonsdatter Finstad [I1144]
    1725-09-23 E2527 Marthe Tostensdatter Nordby [I1164]
    1726-01-17 E1574 Inger Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0721]
    1726-05-19 E2475 Eli Guttormsdatter Svindal [I1136]
    1727-06-29 E2415 Hans Gudmundsen Gulli [I1102]
    1727-11-20 E2413 Gunil Jonsdatter Finstad [I1090]
    1728-03-06 E0496 Peter Montagne de Coucheron [I0202]
    1728-10-03 E2526 Engelbret Tostensen Nordby [I1163]
    1728-10-10 E2914 Peder Jensen Enerud [I1285]
    1728-12-05 E1575 Hans Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0722]
    1729-02-10 E0497 Pernille de Coucheron [I0203]
    1729-12-11 E1576 Anne Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0723]
    1730-01-29 E2487 Gubiør Jonsdatter Finstad [I1146]
    1730-02-26 E2912 Ole Jensen Enerud [I1282]
    1731-04-08 E2459 Lars Tostensen Nordby [I1077]
    1731-05-09 E0499 Henricha Antonetha de Coucheron [I0205]
    1731-09-14 E2489 Martha Dorethea Jonsdatter Finstad [I1147]
    1732-07-02 E2909 Maren Jensdatter Enerud [I1032]
    1732-07-24 E0500 Anthoni Jacob de Coucheron [I0206]
    1732-12-14 E2491 Gubiør Jonsdatter Finstad [I1148]
    1734-03-28 E0386 Ole Kiellsen Piksrud [I0152]
    1734-07-04 E2559 Anne Hansdatter Algrim [I1184]
    1735-02-02 E2915 Peder Jensen Enerud [I1286]
    1735-08-26 E0502 Abel Cathrine de Coucheron [I0207]
    1735-08-26 E0504 Maria Margretha de Coucheron [I0208]
    1736-03-18 E2558 Kari Hansdatter Algrim [I1183]
    1737-09-06 E2916 Jørgen Jensen Enerud [I1283]
    1738-05-15 E2520 Martha Hansdatter Algrim [I1078]
    1740-02-21 E2917 Engebret Jensen Enerud [I1287]
    1741-01-15 E2556 Ole Hansen Algrim [I1181]
    1741-11-19 E2900 Gulbrand Knudsen Østgården [I1272]
    1741-12-30 E0434 Anne Helene von Rummelhoff [I0176]
    1743-03-12 E0435 Jacob von Rummelhoff [I0177]
    1743-12-08 E2918 Åse Jensdatter Skarnes [I1288]
    1743-12-13 E0436 Johannes von Rummelhoff [I0178]
    1744-03-01 E2901 Ole Knudsen Østgarden [I1273]
    1744-08-23 E2429 Iver Sindresen [I1110]
    1744-09-02 E0387 Kirsti Halvorsdatter Moe [I0153]
    1744-12-13 E2957 Anna Pedersdatter Taugland [I1315]
    1745-05-19 E2902 Kirsten Knudsdatter Østgården [I1274]
    1745-05-23 E2911 Peder Jensen Skarnes [I1284]
    1746-01-30 E1554 Mette Jensdatter Oppi [I0704]
    1746-01-30 E2959 Christopher Pedersen Taugland [I1316]
    1746-05-27 E0437 Christopher von Rummelhoff [I0179]
    1746-12-18 E1444 Ole Svendsen Stadum [I0641]
    1747-01-27 E1533 Thorbjørn Jensen Oppi [I0692]
    1747-03-15 E0438 Johanne von Rummelhoff [I0180]
    1747-04-16 E2431 Lars Sindresen [I1111]
    1747-11-26 E2903 Ole Knudsen Østgården [I1275]
    1748-01-28 E1447 Maria Svendsdatter Stadum [I0643]
    1748-03-24 E2557 Christen Hansen Algrim [I1182]
    1748-12-15 E2960 Anna Pedersdatter Taugland [I1317]
    1749-02-23 E1551 Otter Jensen Oppi [I0705]
    1749-07-18 E0439 Friderich von Rummelhoff [I0182]
    1749-09-21 E2871 Arne Sjønnesen Berger [I1260]
    1750-01-25 E1424 Engebret Svendsen Stadum [I0631]
    1750-02-15 E1586 Ellen Gundersdatter Rud [I0701]
    1750-04-12 E2432 Birgit Sindresdatter [I1112]
    1750-07-26 E0440 Catharina Sophie von Rummelhoff [I0183]
    1750-09-27 E2961 Mari Pedersdatter Taugland [I1318]
    1751-01-13 E1552 Niels Jensen Oppi [I0706]
    1751-03-17 E2406 Johan Oulsen Finstad [I1096]
    1751-05-16 E2441 Lars Kittilsen [I1118]
    1751-06-13 E1546 Sjønne Sjønnesen Berger [I0700]
    1751-08-01 E1449 Nils Svendsen Stadum [I0644]
    1751-12-26 E0441 Helle Ruus von Rummelhoff [I0184]
    1752-01-30 E2890 Martha Olsdatter Skarnes [I1038]
    1752-02-13 E2448 Ole Sindresen Hagen [I1120]
    1752-07-29 E2439 Margith Kittilsdatter Laae [I1117]
    1752-08-13 E2835 Lars Pedersen Taugland [I0533]
    1753-01-11 E0443 Hans Henrich von Rummelhoff [I0185]
    1753-02-04 E2904 Erich Knudsen Østgården [I1276]
    1753-04-15 E1451 Peder Svendsen Stadum [I0645]
    1753-04-23 E2394 Hans Oulsen Finstad [I1065]
    1753-06-24 E2450 Birgith Sindresdatter Hagen [I1121]
    1753-11-25 E1558 Christopher Jensen Oppi [I0707]
    1754-02-17 E2963 Mari Pedersdatter Taugland [I1319]
    1754-05-12 E0446 Bodil Christiane von Rummelhoff [I0186]
    1754-10-06 E2091 Jens Olsen Tronbøl [I1033]
    1754-12-26 E2452 Iver Sindresen Hagen [I1122]
    1755-01-04 E0844 Just Henrich von Rummelhoff [I0350]
    1755-02-16 E1452 Nils Svendsen Hundstad [I0646]
    1755-02-16 E2438 Margith Kittilsdatter Biella [I1116]
    1755-09-28 E1536 Kari Knudsdatter Østgården [I0693]
    1755-10-23 E0447 Anthon Jacob von Rummelhoff [I0187]
    1756-01-25 E2967 Christopher Pedersen Taugland [I1322]
    1756-02-29 E1559 Søren Jensen Oppi [I0708]
    1756-02-29 E2877 Erik Torkildsen Berger [I1262]
    1756-07-02 E1454 Christian Svendsen Hundstad [I0647]
    1756-08-03 E0845 Georg Wilhlem Klennow von Rummelhoff [I0351]
    1757-01-09 E2437 Kari Kittilsdatter Biella [I1115]
    1757-04-12 E2092 Christopher Olsen Tronbøl [I1034]
    1757-04-18 E0241 Petronelle Agnethe von Rummelhoff [I0089]
    1757-12-04 E1426 Kirsti Enevoldsdatter Lehne [I0632]
    1758-01-13 E1456 Marte Svendsdatter Hundstad [I0648]
    1758-01-13 E2905 Knud Knudsen Østgården [I1277]
    1758-02-22 E2964 Dorthe Pedersdatter Taugland [I1320]
    1758-04-23 E1560 Anders Jensen Oppi [I0709]
    1758-09-29 E2357 Guri Larsdatter Algrim [I1066]
    1758-10-03 E0448 Bartholomæus von Rummelhoff [I0188]
    1759-02-18 E2878 Gulbrand Torkildsen Berger [I1263]
    1759-04-29 E2435 Lars Kittilsen Noss [I1114]
    1759-08-12 E2407 Annete Oulsdatter Finstad [I1097]
    1759-10-07 E2093 Lisbet Olsdatter Tronbøl [I1035]
    1760-02-19 E0449 Margrethe Else von Rummelhoff [I0189]
    1760-02-27 E1561 Anna Jensdatter Oppi [I0710]
    1760-04-07 E2880 Gulbrand Torkildsen Berger [I1264]
    1760-06-08 E1457 Nils Svendsen Hundstad [I0649]
    1760-12-26 E2906 Amund Knudsen Østgården [I1278]
    1761-01-06 E2095 Ole Olsen Tronbøl [I1036]
    1761-07-26 E2371 Kari Sindresdatter Gudmundsrud [I1063]
    1761-09-13 E2396 Lars Kittilsen Noss [I1062]
    1761-09-15 E0450 Iver de Coucheron von Rummelhoff [I0190]
    1761-09-27 E2387 Tosten Larsen Algrim [I1080]
    1761-11-29 E2465 Ingeliv Engebretsdatter [I1128]
    1762-01-24 E1562 Tosten Jensen Oppi [I0711]
    1762-05-25 E2818 Ole Aschildsen Ljøgot [I1235]
    1762-10-24 E2400 Ole Bjørnsen [I1095]
    1762-12-19 E1458 Hans Svendsen Hundstad [I0650]
    1763-06-12 E0390 Mari Olsdatter Moe [I0155]
    1763-07-15 E0451 Henrich Wilhelm von Rummelhoff [I0191]
    1763-12-04 E2881 Søren Torkildsen Berger [I1265]
    1763-12-18 E2383 Hans Larsen Algrim [I1081]
    1764-03-11 E1460 Hans Svendsen Hundstad [I0651]
    1764-03-11 E2408 Ole Oulsen Finstad [I1098]
    1764-04-13 E2046 Anna Eriksdotter Warnberg [I1007]
    1764-07-29 E2434 Birgith Kittilsdatter Noss [I1113]
    1765-02-03 E0391 Kari Olsdatter Moe [I0156]
    1765-08-29 E1563 Jens Jensen Oppi [I0712]
    1765-10-01 E2813 Margethe Aschildsdatter Ljøgot [I0538]
    1766-04-25 E2409 Niels Oulsen Finstad [I1099]
    1766-12-07 E1461 Aase Svendsdatter Hundstad [I0652]
    1767-03-15 E0392 Halvor Olsen Moe [I0157]
    1767-05-03 E2399 Ole Bjørnsen Langeslet [I1094]
    1767-12-13 E2386 Søren Larsen Algrim [I1084]
    1768-05-12 E2816 Eli Aschildsdatter Ljøgot [I1234]
    1769-02-26 E0393 Kiel Olsen Moe [I0158]
    1769-07-13 E2042 Peter Gustavsson Nyqvist [I1006]
    1770-01-07 E2397 Margit Bjørnsdatter Skollerud [I1092]
    1770-12-25 E0394 Tone Olsdatter Moe [I0159]
    1771-04-21 E2385 Ole Larsen Algrim [I1085]
    1771-11-24 E2096 Guldbrand Olsen Tronbøl [I1037]
    1772-04-12 E2078 Berte Olsdatter Svindal [I1023]
    1772-10-18 E2398 Kari Bjørnsdatter Eidal [I1093]
    1773-08-01 E0395 Kiel Olsen Moe [I0160]
    1774-03-02 E2068 Berte Olsdatter Svindal [I1016]
    1774-06-12 E2382 Anne Larsdatter Algrim [I1083]
    1775-06-08 E0471 Maria Bergersen [I0192]
    1775-09-17 E1579 Søren Sjønnesen Berger [I0725]
    1775-10-15 E2323 Iver Bjørnsen Eidal [I0488]
    1776-01-14 E2845 Siri Christensdatter Øktner [I1250]
    1776-07-14 E2384 Ingebret Larsen Algrim [I1086]
    1776-09-29 E1580 Niels Sjønnesen Berger [I0726]
    1776-12-26 E2079 Ole Olsen Svindal [I1024]
    1777-06-15 E0651 Engebret Olsen Tronbøl [I0278]
    1777-08-17 E0396 Johanne Olsdatter Moe [I0161]
    1777-12-26 E0946 Amund Abrahamsen Spenningsby [I0387]
    1778-04-12 E1033 Amund Christensen Øktner [I0421]
    1779-01-17 E2652 Siønne Sjønnesen Berger [I1187]
    1779-02-28 E2823 Marthe Larsdatter Taugland [I1236]
    1779-05-30 E1704 Lisa Göransdotter [I0803]
    1779-06-24 E1036 Eli Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I0422]
    1779-08-01 E2388 Lars Larsen Algrim [I1082]
    1779-12-12 E2080 Marta Olsdatter Svindal [I1025]
    1780-02-06 E1438 Kari Engebretsdatter Hundstad [I0633]
    1780-03-23 E0397 Eli Olsdatter Moe [I0162]
    1780-09-17 E0171 Kirstie Abrahamsdatter Spenningsby [I1039]
    1780-10-27 E2856 Jørgen Hansen Krybelsrud [I1253]
    1781-01-21 E0654 Ingrid Johansdatter Holt [I0279]
    1782-03-17 E0373 Inger Maria Abrahamsdatter Moss [I0142]
    1782-06-14 E1752 Anna Ersdotter [I0818]
    1782-08-25 E2857 Kari Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I1254]
    1782-09-01 E2081 Guttorm Olsen Svindal [I1026]
    1782-09-29 E1437 Sven Engebretsen Hundstad [I0634]
    1782-11-03 E2824 Anne Larsdatter Taugland [I1237]
    1782-11-17 E1986 Kari Johansdatter Mangset [I0981]
    1782-12-26 E1537 Sigrid Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0694]
    1783-02-23 E0224 Olea Olsdatter Moe [I0083]
    1783-05-04 E2104 Marte Abrahamsensdatter Spenningsby [I1041]
    1783-09-21 E2355 Halvor Bjørnsen Eidal [I1076]
    1783-10-19 E2337 Inger Sophie Hansdatter Finstad [I0494]
    1784-02-22 E0341 Jens Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0132]
    1784-02-22 E1581 Gunder Sjønnesen Berger [I0727]
    1784-05-09 E0221 Holger Christopher Abrahamsen Moss [I0082]
    1784-09-19 E1987 Kiersti Johansdatter Mangset [I0982]
    1785-09-25 E1542 Knud Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0698]
    1785-10-02 E0401 Kirsti Olsdatter Moe [I0164]
    1785-11-25 E2082 Ingebor Marie Olsdatter Svindal [I1027]
    1785-12-11 E2825 Peder Larsen Taugland [I1238]
    1786-02-26 E0374 Boel Christine Abrahamsdatter Moss [I0143]
    1786-06-25 E1989 Eli Johansdatter Mangset [I0983]
    1786-08-13 E1436 Anne Engebretsdatter Hundstad [I0635]
    1786-09-15 E1582 Gulbrand Sjønnesen Berger [I0728]
    1786-10-08 E2326 Christi Larsdatter Prestegården [I0489]
    1786-11-05 E2858 Inger Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I1255]
    1786-11-19 E0163 Ingebor Abrahamsdatter Spenningsby [I0547]
    1787-03-11 E0658 Ingrid Torbjørnsdatter Ødegaarden [I0280]
    1787-04-15 E2342 Olds Hansen Finstad [I1075]
    1787-06-24 E1538 Niels Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0695]
    1788-01-01 E0399 Ole Olsen Moe [I0163]
    1788-02-24 E1990 Hans Johansen Mangset [I0984]
    1788-07-13 E2083 Anders Olsen Svindal [I1028]
    1788-07-27 E0375 Iver Neumann Abrahamsen Moss [I0144]
    1788-09-21 E0734 Dorthe Larsdatter Taugland [I0310]
    1788-09-21 E1266 Kirsti Simonsdatter Olstad [I0529]
    1788-09-28 E2859 Henning Hansen Krybelsrud [I1256]
    1788-10-19 E1320 Amund Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0568]
    1788-12-21 E1540 Gulbrand Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0696]
    1789-07-26 E1435 Enevold Engebretsen Hundstad [I0636]
    1790-04-13 E1794 Maria Olsdotter [I0834]
    1790-06-13 E1310 Halvor Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0553]
    1790-06-27 E1991 Johan Johansen Mangset [I0985]
    1790-09-12 E2327 Anne Larsdatter Prestegården [I1064]
    1790-10-31 E0376 Ole Coucheron Abrahamsen Moss [I0145]
    1791-01-06 E2826 Lars Larsen Taugland [I1239]
    1791-05-30 E2053 Gustav Petersson Nyqvist [I1008]
    1791-07-31 E1541 Amund Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0697]
    1791-07-31 E2084 Engebret Olsen Svindal [I1029]
    1791-10-16 E1419 Ragnhild Engebretsdatter Hundstad [I0624]
    1792-02-25 E1583 Tosten Sjønnesen Berger [I0729]
    1792-06-03 E1995 Marte Johansdatter Mangset [I0988]
    1792-09-16 E1322 Christian Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0569]
    1792-12-09 E0737 Ole Christophersen Holum [I0309]
    1792-12-23 E2035 Jonas Johansson Trång [I0790]
    1793 E2811 Jacob Simonsen Habberstad [I1231]
    1793-02-08 E2057 Stina Petersdotter Nyqvist [I1009]
    1793-09-29 E2827 Ingebor Larsdatter Taugland [I1240]
    1793-12-15 E1774 Olof Jansson [I0828]
    1794-09-21 E2085 Hans Olsen Svindal [I1030]
    1794-10-12 E1431 Enevold Engebretsen Hundstad [I0637]
    1794-10-30 E1993 Hans Johansen Mangset [I0986]
    1794-12-14 E2344 Ole Hansen Finstad [I1073]
    1794-12-23 E2059 Johanna Petersdotter Nyqvist [I1010]
    1794-12-26 E0377 Anthon Jacob Abrahamsen Moss [I0147]
    1795-03-05 E1783 Olof Nilsson [I0830]
    1795-03-21 E3028 Britta Olofsdotter [I1005]
    1796-08-05 E0629 Johan Johansen Mangset [I0270]
    1796-09-25 E0378 Friedrich Rummelhoff Abrahamsen Moss [I0148]
    1796-10-23 E1265 Gulbrand Larsen Taugland [I0528]
    1796-11-13 E1503 Sissel Olsdatter Holte [I0673]
    1797-06-18 E2341 Hans Hansen Finstad [I1072]
    1797-08-20 E2836 Mari Christophersdatter Holum [I1245]
    1798-07-30 E2066 Berte Maria Olsdatter Svindal [I1018]
    1798-08-12 E1430 Anders Engebretsen Hundstad [I0638]
    1798-09-02 E1994 Ole Johansen Mangset [I0987]
    1798-11-04 E2840 Ane Christophersdatter Holum [I1246]
    1799-02-17 E1039 Listbeth Amundsdatter Øktner [I0423]
    1799-04-19 E2828 Ole Larsen Taugland [I1241]
    1799-12-15 E1505 Thuri Olsdatter Ulshagaplassen [I0675]
    1800-01-09 E2062 Anna Cajsa Petersdotter Nyqvist [I1012]
    1800-01-22 E2340 Engebret Hansen Finstad [I1071]
    1800-02-09 E1325 Anne Helgesdatter Borgen [I0571]
    1800-10-11 E2002 Anna Olsdotter [I0791]
    1801-06-24 E1778 Maria Jonasdotter [I0829]
    1801-08-30 E0632 Eli Amundsdatter Øktner [I0271]
    1802-04-11 E1696 Elof Magnusson [I0799]
    1802-07-18 E0379 Hendrich Rummelhoff Abrahamsen Moss [I0149]
    1802-10-08 E1200 Ragnhild Larsdatter Koldalen [I0506]
    1803-03-20 E1506 Ole Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0676]
    1803-03-27 E2841 Hans Christophersen Holum [I1247]
    1803-09-04 E2829 Hans Larsen Taugland [I1242]
    1803-09-18 E2067 Olene Olsdatter Svindal [I1019]
    1804-09-16 E1040 Berte Amundsdatter Øktner [I0424]
    1804-10-13 E1239 Gustaf Petersson Nyqvist [I0521]
    1805-05-23 E1507 Halvor Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0677]
    1805-07-16 E0367 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0141]
    1805-08-18 E0662 Ole Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0281]
    1806-07-06 E1148 Halvor Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0476]
    1806-07-08 E0948 Abraham Amundsen [I0390]
    1806-12-28 E1251 Ingeborg Olsdatter Svindal [I0522]
    1807-01-01 E1041 Kristen Amundsen Øktner [I0425]
    1807-05-07 E0665 Ole Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0282]
    1807-10-04 E0205 Tosten Jensen Oppi [I0078]
    1808-02-28 E2298 Kari Iversdatter Prestelien [I0477]
    1808-10-23 E1045 Kari Amundsdatter Øktner [I0426]
    1808-12-04 E1509 Guttorm Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0678]
    1809-01-01 E0667 Marie Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0283]
    1809-05-07 E2299 Ragnhild Iversdatter Prestelien [I1050]
    1810-02-25 E1211 Ole Olsen Holtet [I0512]
    1810-08-04 E0349 Kari Jensdatter Oppi [I0135]
    1810-12-30 E1900 Thorsten Larsen Overekset [I0927]
    1811-04-21 E1757 Anders Nilsson [I0819]
    1811-09-15 E2301 Margit Iversdatter Eidal [I1051]
    1811-09-22 E1511 Guri Olsdatter Ulshagaplassen [I0679]
    1811-10-13 E2065 Marthe Olea Olsdatter Svindal [I1017]
    1811-12-10 E1694 Lisa Magnusdotter [I0798]
    1812-01-12 E0669 Ingrid Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0284]
    1812-02-22 E0207 Petronelle Holgersdatter Moss [I0079]
    1812-05-17 E1047 Kristen Amundsen Øktner [I0427]
    1812-07-19 E0351 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0136]
    1813-02-05 E1759 Britta Nilsdotter [I0820]
    1813-02-07 E0626 Marte Kristina Pedersdatter [I0227]
    1813-06-20 E1213 Hans Olsen Holtet [I0513]
    1813-12-12 E0950 Kirsti Amundsdatter Spenningsby [I0391]
    1814-06-05 E1685 Göran Magnusson [I0788]
    1814-10-16 E1513 Guri Olsdatter Ulshagaplassen [I0680]
    1814-11-06 E0359 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0140]
    1815-02-12 E1724 Maria Nilsdatter [I0810]
    1815-03-12 E0229 Ole Holgersen Moss [I0084]
    1815-04-21 E0671 Johan Frederik Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0285]
    1815-09-24 E1049 Sigrid Amundsdatter Øktner [I0428]
    1815-09-24 E1382 Marie Jensdatter Rud [I0376]
    1815-09-27 E2303 Lars Iversen Eidal [I1052]
    1815-11-01 E2015 Jan Jonasson Trång [I0994]
    1816-02-22 E1787 Olof Olsson [I0831]
    1816-03-10 E0916 Abraham Amundsen [I0378]
    1816-12-26 E2711 Jøran Bergersdatter Aasnesmoen [I1206]
    1817-01-01 E0353 Mari Jensdatter Oppi [I0137]
    1817-01-26 E0231 Andrine Holgersdatter Moss [I0085]
    1817-02-23 E1954 Engebret Svendsen [I0937]
    1817-05-26 E1515 Ole Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0681]
    1817-09-28 E1196 Marthe Hansdatter Haraldstad [I0502]
    1817-10-05 E1299 Hans Halvorsen Berg [I0555]
    1817-10-12 E1051 Hans Amundsen Øktner [I0429]
    1817-12-28 E2305 Ole Iversen Eidal [I1053]
    1818-08-13 E1747 Pehr Nilsson [I0804]
    1818-10-28 E2013 Nils Jonasson Trång [I0995]
    1818-12-06 E0233 Caroline Holgersdatter Moss [I0086]
    1819-01-24 E1488 Ole Olsen Haugerud [I0669]
    1819-03-14 E1077 Maren Jensdatter Framstad [I0445]
    1819-05-23 E1209 Ragnhild Olsdatter Holtet [I0514]
    1819-05-30 E1905 Ellen Olsdatter Sagberget [I0928]
    1819-10-17 E2307 Ole Iversen Eidal [I1054]
    1819-12-11 E1722 Nils Olsson [I0809]
    1820-04-23 E0355 Sjønne Jensen Oppi [I0138]
    1820-10-08 E1380 Jens Olsen Døhlen [I0375]
    1820-11-19 E0954 Niels Amundsen [I0393]
    1821-02-04 E1691 Kaisa Olsdotter [I0789]
    1821-04-15 E2795 Berthe Hansdatter Uthuus [I1225]
    1821-05-13 E1269 Anne Gulliksdatter Tveter [I0536]
    1821-10-21 E0235 Fredrikke Holgersdatter Moss [I0087]
    1821-12-23 E0921 Ingeborg Jensdatter Morstad [I0379]
    1822-01-06 E1406 Peder Gabrielsen Rytterager [I0625]
    1822-03-03 E1301 Peder Halvorsen Berg [I0557]
    1822-03-10 E0638 Kjersti Johansdatter Øktner [I0272]
    1822-05-12 E2309 Margit Iversdatter Eidal [I1055]
    1822-08-31 E1789 Cajsa Olsdotter [I0832]
    1822-10-13 E1174 Jacob Nielsen [I0492]
    1822-11-28 E1761 Märta Nilsdotter [I0821]
    1822-12-08 E0213 Engebret Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0080]
    1823-02-16 E0956 Anders Amundsen [I0394]
    1823-03-23 E1053 Engebret Amundsen Øktner [I0430]
    1823-03-31 E1408 Engebret Gabrielsen Rytterager [I0626]
    1823-04-25 E0357 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0139]
    1823-09-14 E2717 Martin Bergersen Kvislemoen [I1208]
    1823-11-02 E0742 Kristoffer Olsen Ihle [I0311]
    1824-05-02 E1492 Ole Olsen Rovold [I0670]
    1824-05-06 E2006 Erik Olof Carlson [I0990]
    1824-07-04 E0217 Anne Johansdatter Øktner [I0081]
    1824-07-11 E1178 Gorine Maria Christensdatter Kjølstad [I0491]
    1824-09-05 E1113 Johannes Olsen Holtet [I0464]
    1824-12-05 E0855 Paul Nilsen Sørgaard [I0261]
    1824-12-19 E2797 Ole Olsen Brynie [I1226]
    1824-12-26 E1410 Christian Gabrielsen Rytterager [I0627]
    1825-01-23 E2311 Christi Iversdatter Eidal [I1056]
    1825-01-30 E0720 Lars Olsen Ihle [I0305]
    1825-02-27 E1950 Ellen Martha Olsdatter Lundhaug [I0938]
    1825-03-15 E1764 Anna Lisa Olsdotter [I0822]
    1825-03-30 E1791 Märta Olsdotter [I0833]
    1825-05-01 E1305 Antoni Halvorsen Berg [I0560]
    1825-07-24 E0964 Berthe Amundsdatter [I0396]
    1826 E0547 Lars Johan Andersen [I0230]
    1826-03-23 E1117 Karen Bergersdatter Kvisle [I0465]
    1826-04-09 E2313 Halvor Iversen Eidal [I1057]
    1826-05-28 E1223 Daniel Olsen Holtet [I0516]
    1826-07-02 E1280 Andreas Halvorsen Borgen [I0490]
    1826-07-02 E1412 Anna Marie Gabrielsdatter Rytterager [I0628]
    1826-08-13 E0724 Maria Gulbrandsdatter Tveter [I0306]
    1826-09-24 E1081 Sirie Jensdatter [I0446]
    1827-07-21 E1720 Cajsa Olsdotter [I0805]
    1827-09-09 E0960 Anders Amundsen [I0395]
    1828-02-10 E2799 Olline Hansdatter Brynie [I1227]
    1828-02-24 E1257 Lars Gulbrandsen Tveter [I0531]
    1828-06-01 E0545 Abelone Andersdatter [I0229]
    1828-06-08 E1227 Karen Olsdatter Holtet [I0517]
    1828-07-13 E2719 Berger Bergersen Kvislemoen [I1211]
    1828-08-03 E0642 Amund Johansen Øktner [I0273]
    1828-08-03 E0644 Rønnu Johansdatter Øktner [I0274]
    1828-10-05 E0595 Benjamin Ulriksen Valla [I0249]
    1828-12-19 E2010 Erik Ersson [I0991]
    1828-12-21 E0966 Isaak Amundsen [I0397]
    1828-12-26 E1414 Marthe Gabrielsdatter Frøshaug [I0629]
    1829-06-08 E2315 Kittel Iversen Eidal [I1058]
    1829-09-20 E0977 Peter Andreas Gustavsen [I0401]
    1830-04-18 E1255 Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Tveter [I0530]
    1830-05-07 E1234 Olia Olsdatter Holtet [I0518]
    1830-05-31 E1416 Eline Gabrielsdatter Frøshaug [I0630]
    1830-08-04 E0543 Anne Laurentse Tostine Andersdatter [I0224]
    1830-09-12 E1084 Helger Jensen Molden [I0447]
    1830-11-07 E2801 Helene Hansdatter Brynie [I1228]
    1830-11-14 E2715 Brede Bergersen Kvislemoen [I1209]
    1830-11-28 E1307 Paul Halvorsen [I0562]
    1831-01-09 E0330 Inger Knutsdatter [I0128]
    1831-03-06 E0561 Nils Benjamin Ulriksen Valla [I0223]
    1831-04-24 E1494 Jacob Olsen Rovold [I0671]
    1831-10-09 E0563 Sophie Olsdatter Viksaas [I0232]
    1831-12-25 E0527 Lars Halvorsen Prestelien [I0218]
    1831-12-26 E2317 Margit Iversdatter Eidal [I1059]
    1832-01-01 E0646 Eli Johansdatter Øktner [I0275]
    1832-02-26 E3031 Olof Olofsson [I1339]
    1832-07-08 E1303 Ole Halvorsen [I0558]
    1832-08-11 E1802 Anna Lisa Ersdotter [I0836]
    1832-09-02 E0305 Mari Tostensdatter Sander [I0116]
    1832-11-04 E1229 Christian Olsen Holtet [I0519]
    1832-12-30 E1242 Birte Maria Gustavsdatter Horgen [I0523]
    1833-01-01 E1385 Kirsti Gabrielsdatter Frøshaug [I0613]
    1833-05-12 E0597 Hans Benjamin Ulriksen Valla [I0250]
    1833-06-30 E2033 Kajsa Jonasdotter Trång [I0997]
    1833-09-15 E1874 Edvard Martin Paulsen Myhre [I0913]
    1834-01-15 E1766 Stina Maria Olsdotter [I0824]
    1834-01-26 E0308 Olea Tostensdatter Sander [I0117]
    1834-02-23 E0648 Amund Johansen Øktner [I0276]
    1834-06-15 E1259 Sørine Gulbrandsdatter Tveter [I0532]
    1834-06-29 E1154 Ole Halvorsen Kittilsplass [I0478]
    1834-07-16 E3033 Britta Maria Olofsdotter [I1340]
    1834-09-07 E2803 Anne Hansdatter Brynie [I1229]
    1835-03-22 E1389 Anders Johannesen Røseng [I0612]
    1835-03-29 E1964 Caroline Pauline Paulsdatter Myhr [I0960]
    1835-06-28 E1086 Peder Jensen Molden [I0448]
    1835-08-09 E1496 Anne Olsdatter [I0672]
    1835-09-20 E0541 Peder Andreas Nilsen Tenden [I0222]
    1835-12-26 E0599 Peternille Hendrikka Ulriksdatter Valla [I0251]
    1836-01-31 E1250 Ole Edvard Gustavsen Horgen [I0524]
    1836-02-14 E1806 Carl Ersson [I0837]
    1836-04-03 E0310 Jensine Tostensdatter Sander [I0118]
    1836-06-01 E1768 Lotta Olsdotter [I0825]
    1836-07-17 E2031 Maja Stina Jonasdotter Trång [I0998]
    1836-08-28 E0552 Jonette Christine Andersdatter [I0231]
    1836-10-26 E2805 Andrea Hansdatter Brynie [I1230]
    1836-10-30 E0860 Karen Anna Hendriksdatter Guttelsvig [I0353]
    1836-11-20 E3035 Anna Olofsdotter [I1341]
    1837-05-14 E1165 Kari Halvorsdatter Prestelien [I0479]
    1837-06-04 E1231 Oleana Olsdatter Holtet [I0520]
    1837-08-06 E0650 Johan Johansen Øktner [I0277]
    1838-05-13 E0601 Berthel Mortinius Ulriksen Valla [I0252]
    1838-09-30 E0312 Holger Tostensen Sander [I0119]
    1839-03-28 E1248 Syvart Gustavsen Horgen [I0525]
    1839-05-20 E0831 Jens Christian Andreasen Halsvig [I0333]
    1839-06-09 E1170 Christi Halvorsdatter Prestelien [I0480]
    1839-08-11 E2029 Johanna Jonasdotter Trång [I0999]
    1840-06-07 E1770 Gustaf Olsson [I0826]
    1841-05-30 E0314 Petronelle Tostensdatter Sander [I0120]
    1841-06-27 E0603 Oline Maria Bergitha Ulriksdatter Valla [I0253]
    1842-01-23 E1909 Ellen Torstensdatter Overekset [I0929]
    1842-02-14 E2025 Olof Jonasson Trång [I1000]
    1842-03-28 E0826 Hansine Klemmetsdatter Maavig [I0334]
    1842-11-20 E1314 Johan Halvorsen Størsrud [I0567]
    1842-12-05 E1772 Bethy Olsdotter [I0827]
    1842-12-25 E1198 Andrine Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0500]
    1843-05-26 E1892 Lars Torstensen Overekset [I0919]
    1843-08-06 E0316 Tosten Tostensen Sander [I0121]
    1843-09-03 E0938 Olaf Jonasson Trång [I0385]
    1843-12-26 E1246 Gustava Indiane Gustavsdatter Grinchelsrud [I0526]
    1844-04-07 E1162 Halvor Halvorsen Kittilsplass [I0481]
    1844-10-27 E0605 Johan Ludvig Ulriksen Valla [I0254]
    1845-04-27 E1911 Martha Torstensdatter Overekset [I0930]
    1845-05-09 E1727 Olof Nilsson [I0811]
    1845-05-25 E1121 Ole Johannesen Holtet [I0467]
    1845-08-24 E1312 Maren Oline Halvorsdatter Asak [I0566]
    1845-10-19 E0746 Halvor Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0312]
    1845-11-16 E1160 Kresti Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0482]
    1846-04-12 E0318 Caroline Tostensdatter Sander [I0122]
    1846-06-28 E1944 Christine Ingebrigtsdatter Skimmeli [I0941]
    1846-10-25 E1731 Anna Maria Nilsdotter [I0812]
    1846-12-26 E0728 Christopher Larsen Ihle [I0307]
    1847-04-25 E1913 Christine Torstensdatter Overekset [I0931]
    1847-07-04 E1877 Serine Sivertsdatter Stenaunet [I0914]
    1847-07-18 E1376 Birthe Marie Jensdatter Kjerstad [I0609]
    1847-10-24 E1940 Martha Ingebrigtsdatter [I0948]
    1847-12-05 E1926 Ole Ingebrigtsen Lundhaug [I0939]
    1848-02-06 E1167 Iver Halvorsen Kittilsplass [I0483]
    1848-03-19 E0748 Regine Olivia Johannesdatter Holtet [I0313]
    1848-04-30 E1244 Carl Gustavsen Grinchelsrud [I0527]
    1848-08-13 E1733 Nils Nilsson [I0813]
    1849-04-08 E0320 Anette Tostensdatter Sander [I0123]
    1849-06-03 E1158 Inger Christine Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0484]
    1849-09-16 E1181 Marthea Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0496]
    1849-09-26 E1675 Magnus Emanuel Göransson [I0792]
    1849-10-28 E1124 Oliana Johannesdatter Holtet [I0468]
    1849-12-26 E0771 Ole Jensen Rovold [I0322]
    1850-01-06 E0687 Dorthea Larsdatter Ihle [I0294]
    1850-01-20 E1276 Inger Maria Andreasdatter [I0543]
    1850-01-24 E1737 Britta Cajsa Nilsdotter [I0814]
    1850-03-28 E1915 Ole Peter Torstensen Overekset [I0932]
    1851-02-09 E1896 Anne Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0920]
    1851-04-17 E0531 Inger Marie Andresen [I0219]
    1851-11-23 E0565 Oline Randine Nilsdatter [I0239]
    1851-12-26 E0924 Adolf Hagbart Abrahamsen [I0380]
    1852-01-01 E0322 Ole Sigvart Tostensen Sander [I0124]
    1852-01-04 E1126 Kristine Johannesdatter Holtet [I0469]
    1852-01-15 E1739 Olof Nilsson [I0815]
    1852-05-10 E1917 Cornelius Torstensen Overekset [I0933]
    1853-02-27 E1374 Hans Jacob Jensen Rovold [I0608]
    1853-03-27 E0796 Eline Danielsdatter Kiran [I0336]
    1853-04-03 E1191 Pernille Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0501]
    1853-05-29 E0987 Anna Indiane Andreasen [I0403]
    1853-06-19 E0334 Edvard Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0129]
    1853-09-25 E1128 Christian Johannesen Holtet [I0470]
    1853-10-02 E1156 Ragnild Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0485]
    1853-10-02 E1274 Halvor Andreasen [I0541]
    1853-10-28 E1741 Carl Nilsson [I0816]
    1853-12-18 E0513 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1854-01-08 E1928 Christine Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0940]
    1854-02-24 E0792 Anna Maria Persdotter [I0332]
    1854-04-16 E1370 Karen Jensdatter Rovold [I0606]
    1854-07-23 E0195 Edvard Tostensen Sander [I0076]
    1855-03-25 E0336 Caroline Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0130]
    1855-04-22 E0990 Gunda Andreasen [I0404]
    1855-08-26 E0790 Nils Nilsson [I0331]
    1855-08-27 E1919 Gunhild Torstensdatter Overekset [I0934]
    1855-11-06 E0941 Britta Stina Göransdotter [I0386]
    1855-11-18 E1089 Thore Larsen [I0450]
    1855-12-26 E1131 Ole Johannesen Holtet [I0471]
    1856-03-23 E1930 Elias Ingebrigtsen Denstad [I0942]
    1856-03-27 E1183 Karen Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0497]
    1856-05-11 E0324 Peter Tostensen Sander [I0125]
    1856-05-11 E0523 Nikoline Henriksdatter [I0217]
    1856-06-15 E0927 Bernard Abrahamsen [I0381]
    1856-10-19 E0625 Helmer Nikalai Paulsen Sørgaard [I0015]
    1857-02-18 E1710 Ida Olivia Persdotter [I0806]
    1857-03-08 E0573 Benjamin Olaus Andreas Karl Nilssen [I0242]
    1857-04-12 E1137 Johanne Johannesdatter Holtet [I0475]
    1857-07-26 E1391 Gabriel Andersen Frøshaug [I0614]
    1857-09-23 E1677 Anna Greta Göransdotter [I0793]
    1857-09-23 E1679 Elisabeth Göransdotter [I0794]
    1857-11-08 E0992 Edon Andreasen [I0405]
    1857-11-29 E1092 Kari Larsdatter Kittilsplass [I0452]
    1858-01-01 E0338 Johan Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0131]
    1858-01-01 E1372 Marthea Jensdatter Rovold [I0607]
    1858-04-05 E0929 Theoline Abrahamsdatter [I0382]
    1858-08-01 E0841 Sivert Kornelius Nilssen Nordfligan [I0335]
    1858-09-05 E1921 Johan Torstensen Overekset [I0935]
    1858-12-19 E1393 Johannes Andersen Frøshaug [I0615]
    1859-03-27 E1938 Serina Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0946]
    1859-06-12 E1133 Berthea Johannesdatter Holtet [I0472]
    1859-11-13 E1012 Knud Matias Johan Pedersen Tenden [I0368]
    1859-12-25 E0995 Kaja Andreasdatter [I0406]
    1860-03-11 E1185 Berthea Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0498]
    1860-04-01 E1094 Halvor Larsen [I0453]
    1860-04-12 E1712 Johan Persson [I0807]
    1860-05-06 E0575 Ole Søren Ulrik Johan Nilssen [I0243]
    1860-07-08 E1395 Inger Marie Andersdatter Frøshaug [I0616]
    1861-03-29 E1295 Johan Andreasen [I0545]
    1861-05-19 E1139 Oluf Johannesen Holtet [I0473]
    1861-07-07 E0864 Nella Emilie Paulsen Sørgaard [I0354]
    1861-12-29 E0931 Kristian Frits Abrahamsen [I0383]
    1862-01-12 E1932 Gunhild Marie Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0943]
    1862-04-13 E1923 Maria Torstensdatter Overekset [I0936]
    1862-04-20 E1096 Oline Larsdatter Kittilsplass [I0454]
    1862-07-24 E1683 Anna Greta Göransdotter [I0795]
    1862-08-03 E0248 Jens Johannesen Myren [I0094]
    1863-02-01 E0199 Indiane Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0077]
    1863-03-08 E0517 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1863-04-06 E0577 Olea Dorthea Johanne Nilsdatter [I0244]
    1863-04-06 E1187 Bernhard Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0499]
    1863-06-07 E1141 Karen Johannesdatter Holtet [I0474]
    1863-06-21 E1293 Anne Marie Andreasdatter [I0548]
    1863-11-08 E0776 Regine Andersdatter Frøshaug [I0323]
    1864-01-01 E1098 John Larsen Kittilsplass [I0455]
    1864-03-27 E1934 Ellen Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0944]
    1864-07-28 E0800 Bernhard Kristiansen Maaø [I0337]
    1864-09-04 E0326 Eli Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0126]
    1865-10-22 E1397 Edvard Andersen Frøshaug [I0617]
    1866-01-01 E1294 Andrine Andreasdatter [I0549]
    1866-02-18 E0998 Bernt Syvart Andreasen [I0407]
    1866-05-21 E0804 Anna Kristine Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0338]
    1866-06-17 E0579 Peter Olaus Angel Nilssen [I0245]
    1866-11-04 E0537 Per Johan Pedersen Gjengaar [I0220]
    1866-11-18 E1936 Olina Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0945]
    1867-04-21 E0328 Josephine Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0127]
    1867-06-10 E0250 Karianne Samuelsdatter Skarsten [I0095]
    1867-06-16 E0933 Karoline Amalie Abrahamsdatter [I0384]
    1867-06-25 E0732 Knud Martin Larsen Ihle [I0308]
    1867-10-20 E0806 Anton Bernhard Kristansen Maaø [I0339]
    1868-04-26 E0554 Olea Pernille Nilsdatter Viksaas [I0221]
    1868-05-17 E1100 Wilhelm Andreas Larsen [I0456]
    1868-08-23 E1000 Carl Andreasen [I0408]
    1868-08-30 E0778 Elen Johanna Olausdatter Bratgjerd [I0325]
    1869-08-08 E0812 Inga Kristine Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0342]
    1869-10-17 E1297 Karen Gurine Andreasdatter [I0550]
    1870-05-13 E0622 Martha Margrethe Sivertsdatter Sørgaard [I0016]
    1870-07-24 E0755 Otto Halvorsen Holtet [I0314]
    1870-11-13 E1861 Inga Amalie Myhre [I0915]
    1871-05-28 E0810 Hanne Karoline Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0341]
    1871-07-09 E0783 Johan Arnt Hansen Hasbak [I0324]
    1872-06-02 E0581 Peter Olaus Reinhold Nilssen [I0246]
    1872-06-02 E1002 Marie Fredrikke Andreasdatter [I0409]
    1872-10-06 E0877 Martin Adolf Abrahamsen [I0361]
    1873-11-09 E1863 Paul Severin Myhre [I0916]
    1873-11-16 E1880 Elen Larsdatter Overekset [I0921]
    1874-05-25 E0139 Severin Kornelius Kristiansen Maaø [I0037]
    1874-06-05 E1102 Jenny Charlotte Halvorsen [I0458]
    1874-06-07 E0757 Kaia Kristiansen Holtet [I0315]
    1874-07-05 E1291 Anton Andreasen [I0546]
    1874-08-09 E1400 Johannes Andersen Frøshaug [I0619]
    1874-11-22 E0278 Paula Severine Myhre [I0103]
    1875-06-20 E0907 Ragna Emilie Abrahamsen [I0357]
    1875-12-26 E0062 Henrik Pettersen Romsaas [I0038]
    1876-03-05 E0769 Kristian Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0316]
    1876-06-05 E0279 Torger Larsen Overekset [I0102]
    1876-06-05 E0808 Caroline Berntine Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0340]
    1876-07-16 E1402 Inga Andersdatter Haavind [I0620]
    1876-08-06 E0911 Ragna Bolette Abrahamsen [I0358]
    1877-05-27 E1106 Ludvik Halvorsen [I0460]
    1877-06-24 E0814 Laura Oline Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0343]
    1877-07-15 E0693 Christian Rønsen Romsaas [I0295]
    1877-11-25 E1104 Ludovike Kristine Halvorsen [I0459]
    1878-01-27 E0913 Helga Antonia Abrahamsen [I0359]
    1878-05-05 E1867 Edvarda Sofie Myhre [I0917]
    1878-09-01 E0759 Johanne Halvorsdatter Klundsæter [I0317]
    1878-10-06 E1882 Isak Larsen Overekset [I0922]
    1878-11-15 E0818 Laura Oline Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0344]
    1879-07-07 E1641 Anna Christina Olsson [I0773]
    1879-09-14 E0695 Lars Olaf Rønsen Romsaas [I0296]
    1879-11-12 E1673 Johan Vitalis Persson [I0787]
    1880-08-15 E0065 Regine Mathilde Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0039]
    1881-02-13 E0287 Emil Edvardsen Hernes [I0107]
    1881-04-15 E1643 Johan Emanuel Olsson [I0774]
    1881-05-01 E1071 Anna Halvorsen [I0440]
    1881-05-01 E1884 Elias Martinius Larsen Overekset [I0923]
    1881-05-22 E1870 Karl Alfred Myhre [I0918]
    1881-07-17 E0891 Inga Marie Jensen [I0374]
    1882-03-26 E0697 Johan Rønsen Romsaas [I0297]
    1882-07-16 E1663 Anna Amalia Nilsson [I0781]
    1882-07-23 E0761 Ida Halvorsdatter Klundsæter [I0318]
    1882-08-06 E0820 Olaf Kristiansen Maaø [I0345]
    1883-12-26 E1073 Hans Ludvik Halvorsen [I0441]
    1884-02-03 E1645 Olivia Karolina Olsson [I0775]
    1884-03-23 E0289 Tosten Edvardsen Hernes [I0108]
    1884-04-13 E1886 Oline Larsdatter Overekset [I0924]
    1884-05-22 E0822 Sivert Nikolai Kristiansen Maaø [I0346]
    1884-06-07 E0699 Marie Rønsen Romsaas [I0298]
    1884-08-24 E1338 Kristina Emilia Nilsson [I0054]
    1884-09-07 E0763 Olga Halvorsdatter Klundsæter [I0319]
    1885-11-23 E0824 Ivana Marie Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0347]
    1886-04-18 E1665 Karl Oskar Nilsson [I0782]
    1886-05-16 E0893 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0362]
    1886-08-01 E1888 Edvard Gottlieb Torstensen Overekset [I0925]
    1886-10-10 E0765 Hakon Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0320]
    1886-10-24 E0291 Anne Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0109]
    1886-12-26 E0701 Johanne Rønsen Romsaas [I0299]
    1887-06-05 E1647 Hilma Emilia Olsson [I0776]
    1887-10-30 E1667 Axel Reinhold Nilsson [I0783]
    1888-08-05 E0767 Anna Kristina Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0321]
    1888-12-02 E0303 Petter Edvardsen Hernes [I0110]
    1889-02-03 E0703 Gudbrand Rønsen Romsaas [I0300]
    1889-04-22 E0108 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0050]
    1889-05-26 E1669 Hilma Maria Nilsson [I0784]
    1889-06-30 E1890 Anna Lovise Larsdatter Overekset [I0926]
    1889-09-01 E1649 Axel Victor Olsson [I0777]
    1889-11-24 E0835 Nikolai Daniel Korneliusen Hagadal [I0348]
    1890-04-07 E0886 Jenny Alvilde Jensen [I0372]
    1890-08-01 E0112 Margit Halvorsen [I0051]
    1890-08-17 E0621 Kristine Alvilde Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0262]
    1891-01-28 E0897 Valborg Eugenie Abrahamsen [I0363]
    1891-05-10 E0705 Inga Rønsen Romsaas [I0301]
    1891-07-12 E0556 Alma Pauline Zahl Pedersen Gjengaar [I0233]
    1891-08-02 E1671 Elin Elisabeth Nilsson [I0785]
    1891-08-09 E0101 Edvard Edvardsen Hernes [I0048]
    1892-05-29 E0884 Karsten Jensen [I0371]
    1892-06-19 E0142 Nikoline Emilie Korneliusdatter Hagadal [I0058]
    1892-07-03 E1651 Göran Oskar Olsson [I0778]
    1892-08-07 E0624 Hanna Jørgine Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0255]
    1892-11-13 E0567 Norenius Skrøder Pedersen Gjengaar [I0240]
    1894-01-07 E0253 Jørgen Joakim Jensen Myren [I0096]
    1894-02-25 E0899 Sigurd Eugen Abrahamsen [I0364]
    1894-03-11 E0170 Edvard Plåt [I0074]
    1894-04-23 E0571 Nicolai Johan Jacob Nilssen [I0241]
    1894-05-14 E0558 Ingolf Otelius Pedersen Gjengaar [I0234]
    1894-08-05 E0707 Ole Didrik Rønsen Romsaas [I0302]
    1894-10-27 E1653 Karl Arvid Olsson [I0779]
    1894-12-30 E0301 Indiana Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0111]
    1895-06-16 E0882 Oscar Richard Jensen [I0370]
    1896-05-01 E0610 Eline Sofie Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0256]
    1896-07-26 E0901 Henry Thorleif Abrahamsen [I0365]
    1896-09-10 E1661 Mathilda Teresia Nilsson [I0786]
    1896-11-22 E1966 Svanhild Helland [I0964]
    1897-08-06 E0103 Hanna Hildegaard Olsson [I0049]
    1897-09-05 E0299 Nelle Karolina Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0112]
    1898-09-04 E0018 Otto Parelius Pedersen Gjengaar [I0012]
    1898-10-09 E0016 Pauline Othelie Nicolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0011]
    1899-05-22 E0135 Sverre Jensen [I0056]
    1900-03-25 E0086 Hilma Olivia Romsaas [I0047]
    1900-04-16 E0903 Norman Emanuel Abrahamsen [I0366]
    1900-05-18 E1655 Olof Erik Olsson [I0780]
    1900-09-09 E0297 Minde Jakobine Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0113]
    1900-10-07 E0612 Borghild Alise Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0257]
    1900-10-28 E0255 Kristine Petrikke Jørgine Johannesdatter Myren [I0097]
    1901-09-22 E0050 Alfred Julius Johansen Hasbak [I0035]
    1902-03-23 E0888 Ingeborg Elfria Jensen [I0373]
    1902-05-11 E0089 Johan Petter Romsaas [I0045]
    1902-11-09 E0272 Trygve Larsen [I0104]
    1903-04-26 E0295 Ole Edvardsen Hernes [I0114]
    1903-05-03 E0048 Jonetta Hansine Petrikke Jensdatter Myren [I0034]
    1903-06-28 E0614 Hjalmar Martinius Nikolaisen Sørgaard [I0258]
    1904-03-13 E0075 Alf Harald Romsaas [I0040]
    1904-09-09 E0905 Reidar Abrahamsen [I0367]
    1905-07-02 E0616 Guttorm Nikolai Nikolaisen Sørgaard [I0259]
    1906-01-28 E0092 Olaf Kristoffer Romsaas [I0044]
    1906-04-16 E0274 Sverre Armand Larsen [I0105]
    1906-07-09 E0681 Solveig Pedersdatter Gjengaar [I0292]
    1906-10-14 E0257 Oline Johannesdatter Myren [I0098]
    1906-11-01 E0259 Sivert Oliver Johan Johannesen Myren [I0099]
    1908-02-23 E0094 Dagny Marie Romsaas [I0046]
    1910-01-09 E0077 Olga Mathilde Romsaas [I0041]
    1910-10-23 E2276 Astrid Synnøve Engebretsen [I1049]
    1911-07-23 E0183 Kristian Kornelius Maaø [I0064]
    1912-12-15 E0682 Åge Lorang Abrahamsen [I0026]
    1913-03-09 E2990 Oskar Ingolf Romsaas [I0043]
    1913-07-01 E0144 Karsten Brinkmann Maaø [I0059]
    1913-12-28 E2725 Margit Laurentze Abrahamsen [I0052]
    1914-02-22 E0268 Svanhild Odine Larsen [I0057]
    1914-09-06 E0146 Harald Efrain Maaø [I0060]
    1915-10-10 E0120 Solveig Abrahamsen [I0053]
    1916-07-19 E0850 Gerda Nilsson [I0027]
    1918-02-22 E0079 Henrik Bjarne Romsaas [I0042]
    1918-11-09 E0168 Nils Gustaf Edvard Plåt [I0075]
    1921-09-12 E0024 Olav Parelius Gjengaar [I0017]
    1922-06-04 E0054 Einar Daniel Maaø [I0032]
    1923-03-06 E0034 Rolf Kristian Romsaas [I0025]
    1923-07-22 E0031 Ingrid Solveig Hernes [I0024]
    1926-09-13 E1969 Børre Frimann Maaø [I0062]
    1928-04-26 E0021 Gunvald Gjengaar [I0007]
    1929-09-15 E1971 Astrid Johanne Johansen [I0033]
B Birth 1836-02-30 E0309 Jensine Tostensdatter Sander [I0118]
    about 1300 E1853 Holger Nielsen Urup [I0901]
    1487 E1837 Truid Gregersen Ulfstand til Torup [I0863]
    1492 E1840 Kirstine Gregersdatter Ulfstand til Toftholm [I0864]
    about 1502 E1339 Iver Christensen Vind til Strarupgaard og Store Grundet [I0436]
    about 1516 E1340 Anne Henriksdatter Sandberg [I0573]
    about 1526 E3081 Hans Jørgensen Skovgaard til Gundestrup [I1393]
    1535-10-07 E1827 Hak Holgersen Ulfstand til Hikkebjerg [I0855]
    1538-04-21 E1625 Karen Iversdatter Baden [I0753]
    about 1544 E1056 Jacob Iversen Vind til Grundet [I0432]
    about 1545 E1343 Christen Iversen Vind til Endrupholm, Skads og Grundet [I0577]
    1556-09-17 E1618 Karin Henriksdatter Urup [I0755]
    1562-08-29 E1615 Anna Henriksdatter Urup [I0754]
    1564-05-19 E1606 Axel Henriksen Urup til Vapnø [I0742]
    1565 E1029 Holger Jensen Ulfstand til Hikkeberg, Asserstrup [I0419]
    1566-07-14 E1609 Helle Jørgensdatter Marsvin [I0743]
    1566-12-31 E1619 Bertha Henriksdatter Urup [I0756]
    1567-11-22 E1621 Jørgen Henriksen Urup [I0757]
    1576 E3084 Frederik Hansen Skovgaard til Fligende [I1395]
    1587-08-04 E1348 Anne Jacobsdatter Vind [I0580]
    1589 E1595 Jørgen Axelsen Urup til Bjørgeberga [I0736]
    1589-01-24 E1351 Berete Jacobsdatter Vind [I0581]
    1590-06-01 E1054 Iver Jacobsen Vind Klarupgaard, Nørholm, Agerkrog og Torpegaard [I0431]
    1591-11-24 E1353 Inger Jacobsdatter Vind [I0582]
    1593-07-07 E1019 Jørgen Jacobsen Vind til Gundestrup og Harrestedgaard [I0415]
    1594-09-21 E1059 Henrik Jacobsen Vind til Aggersvold og Klarupgaard [I0434]
    1595 E1599 Anne Axelsdatter Urup [I0744]
    1596-02-11 E1354 Frederik Jacobsen Vind [I0583]
    1596-12-08 E1846 Helle Holgersdatter Ulfstand [I0732]
    1598-02-02 E1356 Erik Jørgensen Vind [I0584]
    1598-05-16 E1028 Ingeborg Holgersdatter Ulfstand til Bosø Kloster og Gundestrup [I0416]
    1599-06-21 E1358 Niels Jacobsen Vind [I0585]
    1601-01-21 E3059 Berete Jacobsdatter Vind [I0586]
    1601-09-13 E1603 Axel Axelsen Urup til Belteberg [I0747]
    1602 E1591 Else Holgersdatter Ulfstand [I0735]
    about 1602 E2684 Erik Børgersen [I1192]
    1602-12-29 E1361 Elsa Jacobsdatter Vind til Kjellerup og Onsild Herregaard [I0587]
    1619-01-08 E1024 Anne Cathrine Fredriksdatter Budde [I0417]
    1621-06-02 E1636 Jakob Jørgensen Vind [I0772]
    1623-05-31 E1064 Holger Jørgensen Vind til Harrestedgaard, Kastrupgaard og Gjeddesdal [I0439]
    1625-01-19 E1807 Nils Jørgenen Vind [I0838]
    1626 E1596 Anne Jørgensdatter Urup [I0740]
    1626-04-27 E1808 Hak Jørgensen Vind til Aggersborg [I0839]
    1628-02-16 E1809 Anne Jørgensdatter Vind [I0840]
    about 1629 E3016 Halvor Halvorsen [I1325]
    1629-09-09 E1810 Lisbeth Jørgensdatter Vind [I0841]
    1631-01-21 E1812 Jørgen Jørgensen Vind [I0842]
    1631-09-19 E1017 Else Jørgensdatter Urup [I0414]
    1632-07-15 E1813 Hans Jørgensen Vind til Harredstedgaard [I0843]
    1634-03-11 E1014 Joachim Fredrik Jørgensen Wind til Gundestrup, Gerdrup og Nørre Vosborg [I0413]
    1637-09-22 E1815 Christian Jørgensen Vind til Harrestedgaard og Vernø Koster [I0844]
    about 1639 E2509 Pål Eriksen Rud [I1150]
    about 1644 E2688 Erik Eriksen [I1193]
    1645 E0406 Heinrich Johan von Rummelhoff [I0092]
    about 1648 E3055 Maren Ovesdatter Bielke [I0418]
    about 1659 E0428 Hans Christopher von Hirsch [I0173]
    about 1663 E2510 Marthe Gulliksdatter [I1151]
    about 1667 E2553 Marthe Sivertsdatter [I1157]
    about 1668 E1959 Engebret Jensen [I0950]
    1669 E0409 Anne Cathrine Wind [I0093]
    about 1670 E2537 Christen Sørensen Nordby [I1169]
    about 1671 E1962 Marthe Jensdatter [I0951]
    about 1673 E3051 Ove Bielke Wind [I0597]
    about 1674 E2685 Anne Pålsdatter [I1197]
    1676 E1818 Frederik Christian Wind [I0598]
    about 1678 E2686 Kirstin Pålsdatter [I1198]
    1682-04-21 E0482 Anthony Jacob Wilhelm de Coucheron [I0194]
    1683 E1365 Else Marie Wind [I0602]
    about 1684 E2523 Gudmund Christensen Gulli [I1101]
    about 1685 E3054 Regitze Margrethe Wind [I0603]
    about 1688 E2508 Eli Pålsdatter Rud [I1155]
    about 1688 E2524 Ingeborg Olsdatter [I1108]
    about 1688 E2542 Guri Hansdatter Blekstad [I1125]
    1693-01-01 E0483 Petronelle Christensdatter Gammelgaard [I0195]
    1694 E0410 Margrethe Elisabeth von Rummelhoff [I0167]
    1695 E0412 Joachim Fredrik von Rummelhoff [I0168]
    1700-06-16 E0246 Holger Christopher von Rummelhoff [I0090]
    1701 E0414 Bartholomæus von Rummelhoff [I0169]
    1702 E0416 Henrich Johan Christen von Rummelhoff [I0170]
    1704 E0489 Henriette Antonette Lillienskiold [I0196]
    1705 E0418 Else Wind von Rummelhoff [I0171]
    about 1706 E1443 Svend Engebretsen [I0639]
    about 1706 E2940 Alv Pedersen Rønsen [I0970]
    1707 E0420 Ove Restorff von Rummelhoff [I0172]
    about 1707 E3024 Aaste Mickelsdatter [I1337]
    1712-08-01 E0430 Johanna Jacobsdatter Colbjørnsen [I0174]
    1713-05-13 E0491 Wilhelm Antoni de Coucheron [I0197]
    about 1716 E2468 Marthe Olsdatter [I1127]
    about 1716 E2939 Ole Pedersen [I1304]
    about 1718 E2923 Ingrid Gulliksdatter [I0971]
    about 1719 E1958 Berthe Engebretsdatter [I0957]
    about 1721 E2924 Kari Gulliksdatter [I1293]
    1721-03-16 E0459 Boel Christine de Coucheron [I0091]
    about 1723 E1975 Goro Rasmusdatter [I0966]
    about 1725 E2925 Anders Gulliksen [I1291]
    about 1727 E2927 Anne Gulliksdatter [I1294]
    1728 E0431 Boel Christiane Ravn [I0175]
    about 1728 E2949 Dorte Larsdatter [I1312]
    about 1730 E2926 Ole Gulliksen [I1292]
    about 1730 E2946 Halvor Larsen [I1309]
    about 1731 E2947 Mickel Larsen [I1310]
    about 1733 E2948 Christian Larsen [I1311]
    about 1735 E0385 Dorthe Hansdatter Strøm [I0151]
    1735-08-20 E0501 Abel Cathrine de Coucheron [I0207]
    1735-08-20 E0503 Maria Margretha de Coucheron [I0208]
    about 1737 E2945 Amund Larsen [I0666]
    about 1738 E2700 Birthe Alvsdatter Rønsen [I0975]
    before 1738 E2922 Gunild Alvsdatter Rønsen [I0974]
    about 1739 E1477 Berthe Henriksdatter [I0665]
    1740 E2907 Hans Knudsen [I1271]
    about 1740 E2954 Ole Larsen [I1314]
    about 1741 E2701 Kirsten Alvsdatter Rønsen [I0976]
    1741-12-28 E0460 Anne Helene von Rummelhoff [I0176]
    about 1743 E1974 Peder Alvsen Rønsen [I0965]
    1743-01-29 E0461 Jacob von Rummelhoff [I0177]
    1743-12-12 E0462 Johannes von Rummelhoff [I0178]
    about 1746 E2698 Gulich Alvsen Rønsen [I0972]
    1746-03-25 E0463 Christopher von Rummelhoff [I0179]
    1747 E1446 Marthe Svendsdatter Stadum [I0642]
    1747-03-10 E0464 Johanne von Rummelhoff [I0180]
    1748-01-19 E0465 Christopher Frederik von Rummelhoff [I0181]
    1749-07-14 E0466 Friderich von Rummelhoff [I0182]
    about 1750 E0239 Abraham Olsen Moss [I0088]
    about 1750 E0382 Dorthe Erichsdatter [I0150]
    about 1750 E2462 Ingeborg Engebretsdatter [I1022]
    1750-07-23 E0467 Catharina Sophie von Rummelhoff [I0183]
    1751-12-19 E0468 Helle Ruus von Rummelhoff [I0184]
    about 1752 E2921 Niels Alvsen Rønsen [I0973]
    1753-01-04 E0470 Hans Henrich von Rummelhoff [I0185]
    about 1754 E1333 Helge Arnesen [I0570]
    1754-05-08 E0458 Bodil Christiane von Rummelhoff [I0186]
    1755-10-18 E0457 Anthon Jacob von Rummelhoff [I0187]
    about 1756 E1326 Maria Halvorsdatter [I0565]
    about 1756 E1328 Peder Andersen [I0564]
    about 1756 E2699 Anna Alvsdatter Rønsen [I0977]
    1757-04-09 E0240 Petronelle Agnethe von Rummelhoff [I0089]
    1758-08-27 E0452 Bartholomæus von Rummelhoff [I0188]
    1760-02-11 E0453 Margrethe Else von Rummelhoff [I0189]
    1761-09-08 E0454 Iver de Coucheron von Rummelhoff [I0190]
    about 1762 E1471 Lars Amundsen Ljødal [I0659]
    1763-07-10 E0456 Henrich Wilhelm von Rummelhoff [I0191]
    1764-04-13 E2045 Anna Eriksdotter Warnberg [I1007]
    about 1766 E2928 Halvor Amundsen [I1295]
    about 1768 E2119 Berte Abrahamsdatter [I1044]
    about 1769 E1472 Inger Olsdatter [I0660]
    about 1769 E2930 Martha Amundsdatter [I1297]
    1769-07-11 E2041 Peter Gustavsson Nyqvist [I1006]
    about 1771 E2103 Ole Abrahamsen [I1042]
    about 1772 E2931 Maren Amundsdatter [I1298]
    about 1775 E0389 Christian Olsen Moe [I0154]
    about 1775 E2929 Henrich Amundsen [I1296]
    about 1776 E1204 Ole Olsen [I0507]
    about 1776 E1217 Dorthe Hansdatter [I0510]
    about 1776 E2106 Anne Abrahamsdatter [I1040]
    about 1777 E1982 Marthe Olsdatter [I0967]
    between 1779 and 1782 E0975 Kari Nilsdatter [I0388]
    about 1779 E1478 Berthe Amundsdatter Ljødal [I0667]
    1779-05-28 E1703 Lisa Göransdotter [I0803]
    about 1781 E0371 Mari Sjønnesdatter Berger [I0133]
    about 1782 E1750 Nils Andersson [I0817]
    1782-03-12 E0372 Inger Maria Abrahamsdatter Moss [I0142]
    1782-06-13 E1751 Anna Ersdotter [I0818]
    about 1784 E1497 Ole Jensen [I0605]
    1785-09-04 E0400 Kirsti Olsdatter Moe [I0164]
    1787-11-25 E0398 Ole Olsen Moe [I0163]
    about 1788 E2105 Kirsti Abrahamsdatter [I1043]
    about 1789 E2018 Cajsa Nilsdotter [I0993]
    about 1790 E1473 Amund Larsen Ljødal [I0661]
    1790-04-12 E1793 Maria Olsdotter [I0834]
    1790-06-03 E1309 Halvor Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0553]
    about 1791 E0550 Karen Johannesdatter Lind [I0228]
    1791-05-29 E2052 Gustav Petersson Nyqvist [I1008]
    1791-06-26 E2343 Lars Hansen Finstad [I1074]
    about 1792 E1010 Jacob Neumann Abrahamsen Moss [I0146]
    about 1792 E1474 Ole Larsen Ljødal [I0662]
    1792-09-15 E1321 Christian Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0569]
    1792-12-23 E2034 Jonas Johansson Trång [I0790]
    1793-02-08 E2056 Stina Petersdotter Nyqvist [I1009]
    1793-02-19 E2810 Jacob Simonsen Habberstad [I1231]
    1793-12-12 E1773 Olof Jansson [I0828]
    about 1794 E0549 Anders Larsen [I0225]
    1794-12-21 E2058 Johanna Petersdotter Nyqvist [I1010]
    about 1795 E0370 Christine Andersdatter Øvre Strøm [I0134]
    about 1795 E1475 Hans Larsen Ljødal [I0663]
    1795-03-05 E1782 Olof Nilsson [I0830]
    1795-03-20 E3027 Britta Olofsdotter [I1005]
    1796-10-20 E1264 Gulbrand Larsen Taugland [I0528]
    about 1797 E1476 Marthe Larsdatter Ljødal [I0664]
    1797-01-20 E2060 Johannes Petersdotter Nyqvist [I1011]
    about 1799 E0590 Ulrik Pedersen [I0235]
    about 1800 E0714 Henrik Larsen Ljødal [I0303]
    about 1800 E2071 Ingeborg Marie Olsdatter Svindal [I1020]
    1800-01-08 E2061 Anna Cajsa Petersdotter Nyqvist [I1012]
    1800-01-14 E2339 Engebret Hansen Finstad [I1071]
    1800-02-01 E1324 Anne Helgesdatter Borgen [I0571]
    1800-10-10 E2001 Anna Olsdotter [I0791]
    1801-06-23 E1777 Maria Jonasdotter [I0829]
    about 1802 E1798 Erich Pärsson [I0835]
    1802-04-10 E1695 Elof Magnusson [I0799]
    about 1803 E0591 Magli Petronelle Erichsdatter [I0236]
    1803 E0717 Inger Pedersdatter Rønsen [I0304]
    about 1804 E2760 Berthe Marie Larsdatter Ljødal [I1216]
    1804-10-11 E1238 Gustaf Petersson Nyqvist [I0521]
    estimated 1805 E0366 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0141]
    about 1806 E1214 Marthe Olsdatter [I0511]
    1806-12-29 E1043 Kristen Amundsen Øktner [I0425]
    about 1807 E2759 Lars Larsen Ljødal [I1218]
    1807-05-04 E0664 Ole Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0282]
    1807-09-30 E0202 Tosten Jensen Oppi [I0078]
    about 1808 E2758 Karen Marie Larsdatter Ljødal [I1217]
    1808-02-06 E1150 Kari Iversdatter Prestelien [I0477]
    1808-10-12 E1044 Kari Amundsdatter Øktner [I0426]
    1808-11-12 E1508 Guttorm Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0678]
    1808-12-27 E0666 Marie Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0283]
    1809-04-14 E2297 Ragnhild Iversdatter Prestelien [I1050]
    about 1810 E2757 Gulbrand Larsen Ljødal [I1215]
    1810-02-16 E1210 Ole Olsen Holtet [I0512]
    1810-07-31 E0348 Kari Jensdatter Oppi [I0135]
    1810-12-13 E1899 Thorsten Larsen Overekset [I0927]
    1811-04-19 E1756 Anders Nilsson [I0819]
    1811-08-15 E2300 Margit Iversdatter Eidal [I1051]
    1811-09-14 E1510 Guri Olsdatter Ulshagaplassen [I0679]
    1811-10-09 E2064 Marthe Olea Olsdatter Svindal [I1017]
    1811-12-09 E1693 Lisa Magnusdotter [I0798]
    1812-01-08 E0668 Ingrid Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0284]
    1812-02-14 E0206 Petronelle Holgersdatter Moss [I0079]
    1812-05-14 E1046 Kristen Amundsen Øktner [I0427]
    1812-07-14 E0350 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0136]
    1813-02-05 E1758 Britta Nilsdotter [I0820]
    1813-05-08 E1212 Hans Olsen Holtet [I0513]
    1813-12-03 E0949 Kirsti Amundsdatter Spenningsby [I0391]
    1814-06-04 E1684 Göran Magnusson [I0788]
    1814-09-30 E0358 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0140]
    1814-10-03 E1512 Guri Olsdatter Ulshagaplassen [I0680]
    about 1815 E1199 Christian Amundsen Sjørbotten [I0495]
    1815-02-11 E1723 Maria Nilsdatter [I0810]
    1815-02-25 E0228 Ole Holgersen Moss [I0084]
    1815-04-13 E0670 Johan Frederik Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0285]
    1815-08-19 E2302 Lars Iversen Eidal [I1052]
    1815-09-21 E1381 Marie Jensdatter Rud [I0376]
    1815-09-22 E1048 Sigrid Amundsdatter Øktner [I0428]
    1815-10-31 E2014 Jan Jonasson Trång [I0994]
    1816-02-21 E1786 Olof Olsson [I0831]
    1816-02-28 E0915 Abraham Amundsen [I0378]
    1816-12-14 E2710 Jøran Bergersdatter Aasnesmoen [I1206]
    1816-12-25 E0352 Mari Jensdatter Oppi [I0137]
    1817-01-16 E0230 Andrine Holgersdatter Moss [I0085]
    1817-02-03 E1951 Engebret Svendsen [I0937]
    1817-05-10 E1514 Ole Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0681]
    1817-09-15 E1195 Marthe Hansdatter Haraldstad [I0502]
    1817-09-25 E1298 Hans Halvorsen Berg [I0555]
    1817-10-10 E1050 Hans Amundsen Øktner [I0429]
    1817-12-06 E2304 Ole Iversen Eidal [I1053]
    about 1818 E1469 Lars Larsen Rønsen [I0657]
    1818-08-12 E1746 Pehr Nilsson [I0804]
    1818-10-24 E2012 Nils Jonasson Trång [I0995]
    1818-11-25 E0232 Caroline Holgersdatter Moss [I0086]
    1819-01-18 E1487 Ole Olsen Haugerud [I0669]
    1819-03-05 E1076 Maren Jensdatter Framstad [I0445]
    1819-05-14 E1208 Ragnhild Olsdatter Holtet [I0514]
    1819-05-15 E1904 Ellen Olsdatter Sagberget [I0928]
    1819-08-19 E2306 Ole Iversen Eidal [I1054]
    1819-10-01 E0951 Maren Amundsdatter [I0392]
    1819-12-09 E1721 Nils Olsson [I0809]
    1820-04-15 E0354 Sjønne Jensen Oppi [I0138]
    1820-09-28 E1379 Jens Olsen Døhlen [I0375]
    1820-10-27 E0953 Niels Amundsen [I0393]
    1821-02-03 E1692 Kaisa Olsdotter [I0789]
    1821-04-08 E2794 Berthe Hansdatter Uthuus [I1225]
    1821-05-07 E1268 Anne Gulliksdatter Tveter [I0536]
    1821-05-13 E2050 Anne Sophie Petersdatter Nyqvist [I1014]
    1821-10-16 E0234 Fredrikke Holgersdatter Moss [I0087]
    1821-12-08 E1405 Peder Gabrielsen Rytterager [I0625]
    1821-12-14 E0920 Ingeborg Jensdatter Morstad [I0379]
    1822-02-16 E1300 Peder Halvorsen Berg [I0557]
    1822-02-25 E0637 Kjersti Johansdatter Øktner [I0272]
    1822-04-09 E2308 Margit Iversdatter Eidal [I1055]
    1822-08-30 E1173 Jacob Nielsen [I0492]
    1822-08-30 E1788 Cajsa Olsdotter [I0832]
    1822-11-24 E0212 Engebret Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0080]
    1822-11-27 E1760 Märta Nilsdotter [I0821]
    1823-01-15 E0955 Anders Amundsen [I0394]
    1823-03-11 E1052 Engebret Amundsen Øktner [I0430]
    1823-03-11 E1407 Engebret Gabrielsen Rytterager [I0626]
    1823-04-23 E0356 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0139]
    1823-08-28 E2716 Martin Bergersen Kvislemoen [I1208]
    1823-10-18 E0741 Kristoffer Olsen Ihle [I0311]
    1824-04-05 E0981 Inger Marie Christophersdatter [I0402]
    1824-04-23 E1491 Ole Olsen Rovold [I0670]
    1824-05-05 E2005 Erik Olof Carlson [I0990]
    1824-06-28 E1177 Gorine Maria Christensdatter Kjølstad [I0491]
    1824-06-29 E0216 Anne Johansdatter Øktner [I0081]
    1824-08-27 E1480 Johanne Olsdatter Holtet [I0668]
    1824-08-28 E1112 Johannes Olsen Holtet [I0464]
    1824-10-22 E0608 Paul Nilsen Sørgaard [I0261]
    1824-11-27 E1409 Christian Gabrielsen Rytterager [I0627]
    1824-12-05 E2310 Christi Iversdatter Eidal [I1056]
    1824-12-16 E2796 Ole Olsen Brynie [I1226]
    1825-01-20 E0719 Lars Olsen Ihle [I0305]
    1825-01-23 E1949 Ellen Martha Olsdatter Lundhaug [I0938]
    1825-03-14 E1763 Anna Lisa Olsdotter [I0822]
    1825-03-29 E1790 Märta Olsdotter [I0833]
    1825-04-20 E1304 Antoni Halvorsen Berg [I0560]
    1825-06-12 E0963 Berthe Amundsdatter [I0396]
    1825-12-14 E0546 Lars Johan Andersen [I0230]
    1826-03-01 E2312 Halvor Iversen Eidal [I1057]
    1826-03-08 E1116 Karen Bergersdatter Kvisle [I0465]
    1826-04-11 E1411 Anna Marie Gabrielsdatter Rytterager [I0628]
    1826-05-06 E1222 Daniel Olsen Holtet [I0516]
    1826-06-16 E1278 Andreas Halvorsen Borgen [I0490]
    1826-08-01 E0723 Maria Gulbrandsdatter Tveter [I0306]
    1826-09-12 E1080 Sirie Jensdatter [I0446]
    1827-07-05 E0959 Anders Amundsen [I0395]
    1827-07-20 E1719 Cajsa Olsdotter [I0805]
    1827-11-22 E1977 Inger Henriksdatter Rønsen [I0968]
    1827-11-22 E1979 Margrethe Henriksdatter Rønsen [I0969]
    1828-01-16 E2798 Olline Hansdatter Brynie [I1227]
    1828-02-12 E1256 Lars Gulbrandsen Tveter [I0531]
    1828-03-24 E0544 Abelone Andersdatter [I0229]
    1828-05-22 E1226 Karen Olsdatter Holtet [I0517]
    1828-06-19 E0639 Amund Johansen Øktner [I0273]
    1828-06-19 E0643 Rønnu Johansdatter Øktner [I0274]
    1828-07-06 E2718 Berger Bergersen Kvislemoen [I1211]
    1828-09-17 E1413 Marthe Gabrielsdatter Frøshaug [I0629]
    1828-10-01 E0594 Benjamin Ulriksen Valla [I0249]
    1828-12-04 E0965 Isaak Amundsen [I0397]
    1828-12-18 E2009 Erik Ersson [I0991]
    about 1829 E1466 Lars Henriksen Rønsen [I0653]
    1829-05-17 E2314 Kittel Iversen Eidal [I1058]
    1829-08-30 E0976 Peter Andreas Gustavsen [I0401]
    1830-04-03 E1415 Eline Gabrielsdatter Frøshaug [I0630]
    1830-04-07 E1254 Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Tveter [I0530]
    1830-04-10 E1233 Olia Olsdatter Holtet [I0518]
    1830-07-09 E0542 Anne Laurentse Tostine Andersdatter [I0224]
    1830-07-25 E1781 Johannes Olsson [I0823]
    1830-08-23 E1083 Helger Jensen Molden [I0447]
    1830-10-03 E2800 Helene Hansdatter Brynie [I1228]
    1830-10-28 E2714 Brede Bergersen Kvislemoen [I1209]
    1830-11-17 E1306 Paul Halvorsen [I0562]
    1830-12-02 E0329 Inger Knutsdatter [I0128]
    1831-02-10 E0559 Nils Benjamin Ulriksen Valla [I0223]
    1831-03-17 E1493 Jacob Olsen Rovold [I0671]
    1831-09-12 E0560 Sophie Olsdatter Viksaas [I0232]
    1831-11-00 E2316 Margit Iversdatter Eidal [I1059]
    1831-11-22 E0526 Lars Halvorsen Prestelien [I0218]
    1831-12-24 E0645 Eli Johansdatter Øktner [I0275]
    1832-02-25 E3030 Olof Olofsson [I1339]
    1832-06-22 E1302 Ole Halvorsen [I0558]
    1832-07-25 E0304 Mari Tostensdatter Sander [I0116]
    1832-08-09 E1801 Anna Lisa Ersdotter [I0836]
    1832-10-13 E1384 Kirsti Gabrielsdatter Frøshaug [I0613]
    1832-10-22 E1228 Christian Olsen Holtet [I0519]
    1832-11-29 E1241 Birte Maria Gustavsdatter Horgen [I0523]
    about 1833 E1468 Ingeborg Marie Henriksdatter Rønsen [I0656]
    1833-05-06 E0596 Hans Benjamin Ulriksen Valla [I0250]
    1833-06-29 E2032 Kajsa Jonasdotter Trång [I0997]
    1833-08-03 E1873 Edvard Martin Paulsen Myhre [I0913]
    1834-01-07 E0307 Olea Tostensdatter Sander [I0117]
    1834-01-12 E1765 Stina Maria Olsdotter [I0824]
    1834-02-04 E0647 Amund Johansen Øktner [I0276]
    1834-05-17 E2802 Anne Hansdatter Brynie [I1229]
    1834-06-01 E1258 Sørine Gulbrandsdatter Tveter [I0532]
    1834-06-18 E1153 Ole Halvorsen Kittilsplass [I0478]
    1834-07-14 E3032 Britta Maria Olofsdotter [I1340]
    1834-09-17 E1388 Anders Johannesen Røseng [I0612]
    about 1835 E1467 Hans Christian Henriksen Rønsen [I0654]
    1835-03-05 E1963 Caroline Pauline Paulsdatter Myhr [I0960]
    1835-06-05 E1085 Peder Jensen Molden [I0448]
    1835-06-21 E1495 Anne Olsdatter [I0672]
    1835-08-22 E0540 Peder Andreas Nilsen Tenden [I0222]
    1835-12-12 E1249 Ole Edvard Gustavsen Horgen [I0524]
    1835-12-17 E0598 Peternille Hendrikka Ulriksdatter Valla [I0251]
    1836-02-11 E1805 Carl Ersson [I0837]
    1836-05-30 E1767 Lotta Olsdotter [I0825]
    1836-07-16 E2030 Maja Stina Jonasdotter Trång [I0998]
    1836-07-27 E0551 Jonette Christine Andersdatter [I0231]
    1836-09-20 E2804 Andrea Hansdatter Brynie [I1230]
    1836-10-20 E0859 Karen Anna Hendriksdatter Guttelsvig [I0353]
    1836-11-18 E3034 Anna Olofsdotter [I1341]
    1837-03-20 E1230 Oleana Olsdatter Holtet [I0520]
    1837-04-06 E1164 Kari Halvorsdatter Prestelien [I0479]
    1837-06-21 E0649 Johan Johansen Øktner [I0277]
    1838-04-05 E0600 Berthel Mortinius Ulriksen Valla [I0252]
    1838-08-14 E0311 Holger Tostensen Sander [I0119]
    1838-12-01 E0830 Jens Christian Andreasen Halsvig [I0333]
    1839-03-02 E1247 Syvart Gustavsen Horgen [I0525]
    1839-05-09 E1169 Christi Halvorsdatter Prestelien [I0480]
    1839-08-05 E2028 Johanna Jonasdotter Trång [I0999]
    1839-09-06 E0683 Bernt Petter Henriksen Rønsen [I0293]
    1840-06-03 E1769 Gustaf Olsson [I0826]
    1841-02-28 E0313 Petronelle Tostensdatter Sander [I0120]
    1841-06-02 E0602 Oline Maria Bergitha Ulriksdatter Valla [I0253]
    1841-12-19 E1908 Ellen Torstensdatter Overekset [I0929]
    1842-01-27 E0825 Hansine Klemmetsdatter Maavig [I0334]
    1842-02-13 E2024 Olof Jonasson Trång [I1000]
    1842-10-28 E1313 Johan Halvorsen Størsrud [I0567]
    1842-11-06 E1197 Andrine Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0500]
    1842-12-04 E1771 Bethy Olsdotter [I0827]
    1843-04-06 E1891 Lars Torstensen Overekset [I0919]
    1843-07-22 E1465 Ole Henriksen Rønsen [I0655]
    1843-07-30 E0315 Tosten Tostensen Sander [I0121]
    1843-08-29 E0937 Olaf Jonasson Trång [I0385]
    1843-11-26 E1245 Gustava Indiane Gustavsdatter Grinchelsrud [I0526]
    1844-01-26 E1161 Halvor Halvorsen Kittilsplass [I0481]
    1844-10-11 E0604 Johan Ludvig Ulriksen Valla [I0254]
    1845-02-22 E1910 Martha Torstensdatter Overekset [I0930]
    1845-04-24 E1120 Ole Johannesen Holtet [I0467]
    1845-05-07 E1726 Olof Nilsson [I0811]
    1845-08-03 E1311 Maren Oline Halvorsdatter Asak [I0566]
    1845-10-03 E0745 Halvor Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0312]
    1845-10-05 E1159 Kresti Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0482]
    1846-02-06 E0317 Caroline Tostensdatter Sander [I0122]
    1846-04-10 E1943 Christine Ingebrigtsdatter Skimmeli [I0941]
    1846-10-22 E1730 Anna Maria Nilsdotter [I0812]
    1846-11-23 E0727 Christopher Larsen Ihle [I0307]
    1847-03-06 E1912 Christine Torstensdatter Overekset [I0931]
    1847-05-09 E1876 Serine Sivertsdatter Stenaunet [I0914]
    1847-06-27 E1375 Birthe Marie Jensdatter Kjerstad [I0609]
    1847-08-08 E1939 Martha Ingebrigtsdatter [I0948]
    1847-09-30 E1925 Ole Ingebrigtsen Lundhaug [I0939]
    1847-11-26 E1166 Iver Halvorsen Kittilsplass [I0483]
    about 1848 E1470 Martine Hendrikke Larsdatter Rønsen [I0658]
    1848-02-14 E0747 Regine Olivia Johannesdatter Holtet [I0313]
    1848-04-16 E1243 Carl Gustavsen Grinchelsrud [I0527]
    1848-08-11 E1732 Nils Nilsson [I0813]
    1849-03-07 E0319 Anette Tostensdatter Sander [I0123]
    1849-04-05 E1157 Inger Christine Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0484]
    1849-08-28 E1180 Marthea Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0496]
    1849-09-23 E1123 Oliana Johannesdatter Holtet [I0468]
    1849-09-23 E1674 Magnus Emanuel Göransson [I0792]
    1849-12-16 E0686 Dorthea Larsdatter Ihle [I0294]
    1849-12-20 E0770 Ole Jensen Rovold [I0322]
    1850-01-01 E1275 Inger Maria Andreasdatter [I0543]
    1850-01-22 E1736 Britta Cajsa Nilsdotter [I0814]
    1850-02-25 E1914 Ole Peter Torstensen Overekset [I0932]
    1850-11-13 E1895 Anne Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0920]
    1851-01-15 E0530 Inger Marie Andresen [I0219]
    1851-08-29 E0321 Ole Sigvart Tostensen Sander [I0124]
    1851-10-18 E0923 Adolf Hagbart Abrahamsen [I0380]
    1851-10-23 E0564 Oline Randine Nilsdatter [I0239]
    1851-12-19 E1125 Kristine Johannesdatter Holtet [I0469]
    1852-01-13 E1738 Olof Nilsson [I0815]
    1852-02-14 E1916 Cornelius Torstensen Overekset [I0933]
    1852-05-20 E0795 Eline Danielsdatter Kiran [I0336]
    1853-01-30 E1373 Hans Jacob Jensen Rovold [I0608]
    1853-03-09 E1190 Pernille Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0501]
    1853-05-01 E0333 Edvard Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0129]
    1853-05-12 E0986 Anna Indiane Andreasen [I0403]
    1853-06-19 E0512 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1853-06-23 E1155 Ragnild Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0485]
    1853-08-23 E1273 Halvor Andreasen [I0541]
    1853-09-06 E1127 Christian Johannesen Holtet [I0470]
    1853-10-26 E1740 Carl Nilsson [I0816]
    1853-10-29 E1927 Christine Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0940]
    1854-02-20 E0570 Nicolai Johan Jacob Nilssen [I0241]
    1854-02-23 E0791 Anna Maria Persdotter [I0332]
    1854-03-20 E1369 Karen Jensdatter Rovold [I0606]
    1854-05-24 E0194 Edvard Tostensen Sander [I0076]
    1854-06-05 E0865 Helmer Nikalai Paulsen Guttelsvik [I0355]
    1855-02-10 E0335 Caroline Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0130]
    1855-02-14 E0989 Gunda Andreasen [I0404]
    1855-06-14 E1918 Gunhild Torstensdatter Overekset [I0934]
    1855-08-26 E0789 Nils Nilsson [I0331]
    1855-09-30 E1130 Ole Johannesen Holtet [I0471]
    1855-10-25 E0926 Bernard Abrahamsen [I0381]
    1855-10-27 E1088 Thore Larsen [I0450]
    1855-11-03 E0940 Britta Stina Göransdotter [I0386]
    1856-02-04 E1929 Elias Ingebrigtsen Denstad [I0942]
    1856-02-24 E1182 Karen Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0497]
    1856-02-29 E0522 Nikoline Henriksdatter [I0217]
    1856-03-07 E0323 Peter Tostensen Sander [I0125]
    1856-05-26 E1286 Martin Andreasen [I0544]
    1856-09-27 E0606 Helmer Nikalai Paulsen Sørgaard [I0015]
    1857-02-14 E0572 Benjamin Olaus Andreas Karl Nilssen [I0242]
    1857-02-16 E1709 Ida Olivia Persdotter [I0806]
    1857-04-01 E1136 Johanne Johannesdatter Holtet [I0475]
    1857-04-16 E1390 Gabriel Andersen Frøshaug [I0614]
    1857-08-27 E1091 Kari Larsdatter Kittilsplass [I0452]
    1857-09-22 E1676 Anna Greta Göransdotter [I0793]
    1857-09-22 E1678 Elisabeth Göransdotter [I0794]
    1857-10-23 E0991 Edon Andreasen [I0405]
    1857-11-16 E0337 Johan Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0131]
    1857-12-21 E1371 Marthea Jensdatter Rovold [I0607]
    1857-12-26 E0928 Theoline Abrahamsdatter [I0382]
    1858-05-31 E0840 Sivert Kornelius Nilssen Nordfligan [I0335]
    1858-06-07 E1920 Johan Torstensen Overekset [I0935]
    1858-08-15 E1392 Johannes Andersen Frøshaug [I0615]
    1859-02-06 E1937 Serina Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0946]
    1859-02-12 E1285 Maren Oline Andreasdatter [I0551]
    1859-04-20 E1132 Berthea Johannesdatter Holtet [I0472]
    1859-09-02 E1011 Knud Matias Johan Pedersen Tenden [I0368]
    1859-11-28 E0994 Kaja Andreasdatter [I0406]
    1860-01-24 E1184 Berthea Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0498]
    1860-01-24 E1394 Inger Marie Andersdatter Frøshaug [I0616]
    1860-02-14 E1093 Halvor Larsen [I0453]
    1860-03-01 E0574 Ole Søren Ulrik Johan Nilssen [I0243]
    1860-04-10 E1711 Johan Persson [I0807]
    1861-02-10 E1287 Johan Andreasen [I0545]
    1861-02-28 E1138 Oluf Johannesen Holtet [I0473]
    1861-06-22 E0863 Nella Emilie Paulsen Sørgaard [I0354]
    1861-07-24 E0930 Kristian Frits Abrahamsen [I0383]
    1861-11-17 E1931 Gunhild Marie Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0943]
    1862-01-26 E1922 Maria Torstensdatter Overekset [I0936]
    1862-03-12 E1095 Oline Larsdatter Kittilsplass [I0454]
    1862-07-22 E1682 Anna Greta Göransdotter [I0795]
    1862-07-27 E0247 Jens Johannesen Myren [I0094]
    1862-12-19 E0198 Indiane Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0077]
    1863-01-11 E1140 Karen Johannesdatter Holtet [I0474]
    1863-02-02 E0516 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1863-03-11 E0576 Olea Dorthea Johanne Nilsdatter [I0244]
    1863-03-11 E1292 Anne Marie Andreasdatter [I0548]
    1863-03-24 E1186 Bernhard Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0499]
    1863-07-31 E0775 Regine Andersdatter Frøshaug [I0323]
    1863-11-25 E1097 John Larsen Kittilsplass [I0455]
    1864-01-24 E1933 Ellen Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0944]
    1864-05-10 E0799 Bernhard Kristiansen Maaø [I0337]
    1864-07-22 E0325 Eli Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0126]
    1865-04-19 E1396 Edvard Andersen Frøshaug [I0617]
    1865-11-12 E1288 Andrine Andreasdatter [I0549]
    1865-12-08 E0803 Anna Kristine Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0338]
    1865-12-25 E0997 Bernt Syvart Andreasen [I0407]
    1866-06-05 E0578 Peter Olaus Angel Nilssen [I0245]
    1866-09-27 E0536 Per Johan Pedersen Gjengaar [I0220]
    1866-10-07 E1935 Olina Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0945]
    1867-01-08 E0327 Josephine Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0127]
    1867-05-05 E0932 Karoline Amalie Abrahamsdatter [I0384]
    1867-05-07 E0249 Karianne Samuelsdatter Skarsten [I0095]
    1867-06-19 E0731 Knud Martin Larsen Ihle [I0308]
    1867-09-04 E0805 Anton Bernhard Kristansen Maaø [I0339]
    1867-12-26 E1099 Wilhelm Andreas Larsen [I0456]
    1868-02-12 E1289 Karen Gurine Andreasdatter [I0550]
    1868-02-26 E0553 Olea Pernille Nilsdatter Viksaas [I0221]
    1868-07-16 E0999 Carl Andreasen [I0408]
    1868-08-04 E0777 Elen Johanna Olausdatter Bratgjerd [I0325]
    1869-06-25 E0811 Inga Kristine Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0342]
    1869-10-01 E0607 Martha Margrethe Sivertsdatter Sørgaard [I0016]
    1870-06-25 E0754 Otto Halvorsen Holtet [I0314]
    1870-09-09 E1860 Inga Amalie Myhre [I0915]
    1871-04-01 E0809 Hanne Karoline Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0341]
    1871-04-26 E0782 Johan Arnt Hansen Hasbak [I0324]
    1872-03-01 E1001 Marie Fredrikke Andreasdatter [I0409]
    1872-04-26 E0580 Peter Olaus Reinhold Nilssen [I0246]
    1872-06-16 E0876 Martin Adolf Abrahamsen [I0361]
    1873-09-09 E1862 Paul Severin Myhre [I0916]
    1873-10-18 E1879 Elen Larsdatter Overekset [I0921]
    1873-12-20 E0138 Severin Kornelius Kristiansen Maaø [I0037]
    1874-03-19 E0756 Kaia Kristiansen Holtet [I0315]
    1874-04-02 E1290 Anton Andreasen [I0546]
    1874-05-27 E1101 Jenny Charlotte Halvorsen [I0458]
    1874-06-13 E1399 Johannes Andersen Frøshaug [I0619]
    1874-10-04 E0269 Paula Severine Myhre [I0103]
    1875-02-09 E0906 Ragna Emilie Abrahamsen [I0357]
    1875-12-05 E0061 Henrik Pettersen Romsaas [I0038]
    1875-12-23 E0768 Kristian Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0316]
    1876-03-16 E0807 Caroline Berntine Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0340]
    1876-04-07 E0270 Torger Larsen Overekset [I0102]
    1876-05-25 E1401 Inga Andersdatter Haavind [I0620]
    1876-06-03 E0910 Ragna Bolette Abrahamsen [I0358]
    1876-09-26 E1105 Ludvik Halvorsen [I0460]
    1877-04-10 E0813 Laura Oline Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0343]
    1877-06-24 E0692 Christian Rønsen Romsaas [I0295]
    1877-09-27 E1103 Ludovike Kristine Halvorsen [I0459]
    1877-12-06 E0912 Helga Antonia Abrahamsen [I0359]
    about 1878 E2020 Stina Christophersdotter [I0996]
    1878-01-16 E1866 Edvarda Sofie Myhre [I0917]
    1878-06-28 E0758 Johanne Halvorsdatter Klundsæter [I0317]
    1878-08-24 E1881 Isak Larsen Overekset [I0922]
    1878-10-20 E0817 Laura Oline Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0344]
    1879-07-05 E1640 Anna Christina Olsson [I0773]
    1879-08-03 E0694 Lars Olaf Rønsen Romsaas [I0296]
    1879-11-03 E1672 Johan Vitalis Persson [I0787]
    1880-06-19 E0064 Regine Mathilde Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0039]
    1880-09-24 E1070 Anna Halvorsen [I0440]
    1881-01-16 E0286 Emil Edvardsen Hernes [I0107]
    1881-02-08 E1869 Karl Alfred Myhre [I0918]
    1881-03-07 E1883 Elias Martinius Larsen Overekset [I0923]
    1881-04-07 E1642 Johan Emanuel Olsson [I0774]
    1881-06-23 E0890 Inga Marie Jensen [I0374]
    1882-02-18 E0696 Johan Rønsen Romsaas [I0297]
    1882-04-19 E0760 Ida Halvorsdatter Klundsæter [I0318]
    1882-05-25 E0819 Olaf Kristiansen Maaø [I0345]
    1882-07-03 E1662 Anna Amalia Nilsson [I0781]
    1883-11-21 E1072 Hans Ludvik Halvorsen [I0441]
    1883-12-28 E0288 Tosten Edvardsen Hernes [I0108]
    1884-01-16 E1644 Olivia Karolina Olsson [I0775]
    1884-02-07 E1885 Oline Larsdatter Overekset [I0924]
    1884-02-18 E0821 Sivert Nikolai Kristiansen Maaø [I0346]
    1884-05-27 E0698 Marie Rønsen Romsaas [I0298]
    1884-07-04 E0762 Olga Halvorsdatter Klundsæter [I0319]
    1884-08-16 E0129 Kristina Emilia Nilsson [I0054]
    1885-09-15 E0823 Ivana Marie Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0347]
    1885-12-20 E0892 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0362]
    1886-04-08 E1664 Karl Oskar Nilsson [I0782]
    1886-06-26 E1887 Edvard Gottlieb Torstensen Overekset [I0925]
    1886-07-14 E0764 Hakon Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0320]
    1886-08-15 E3042 Johanne Kristina Erikson [I1343]
    1886-08-22 E0290 Anne Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0109]
    1886-11-12 E0700 Johanne Rønsen Romsaas [I0299]
    1887-01-29 E2278 Kristian Arthur Engebretsen [I1048]
    1887-05-21 E1646 Hilma Emilia Olsson [I0776]
    1887-09-30 E1666 Axel Reinhold Nilsson [I0783]
    1888-07-02 E0766 Anna Kristina Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0321]
    1888-10-12 E0302 Petter Edvardsen Hernes [I0110]
    1888-11-29 E0107 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0050]
    1888-12-20 E0702 Gudbrand Rønsen Romsaas [I0300]
    1889-05-13 E1668 Hilma Maria Nilsson [I0784]
    1889-05-17 E1889 Anna Lovise Larsdatter Overekset [I0926]
    1889-08-26 E1648 Axel Victor Olsson [I0777]
    1889-09-28 E0834 Nikolai Daniel Korneliusen Hagadal [I0348]
    1889-12-23 E0111 Margit Halvorsen [I0051]
    1890-02-25 E0885 Jenny Alvilde Jensen [I0372]
    1890-07-21 E0620 Kristine Alvilde Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0262]
    1890-11-24 E0896 Valborg Eugenie Abrahamsen [I0363]
    1891-03-23 E0704 Inga Rønsen Romsaas [I0301]
    1891-05-20 E0100 Edvard Edvardsen Hernes [I0048]
    1891-06-07 E0555 Alma Pauline Zahl Pedersen Gjengaar [I0233]
    1891-07-03 E1670 Elin Elisabeth Nilsson [I0785]
    1892-04-25 E0623 Hanna Jørgine Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0255]
    1892-05-21 E0883 Karsten Jensen [I0371]
    1892-05-28 E0141 Nikoline Emilie Korneliusdatter Hagadal [I0058]
    1892-06-20 E1650 Göran Oskar Olsson [I0778]
    1892-10-14 E0566 Norenius Skrøder Pedersen Gjengaar [I0240]
    1893-09-12 E0898 Sigurd Eugen Abrahamsen [I0364]
    1893-11-08 E0252 Jørgen Joakim Jensen Myren [I0096]
    1894-02-08 E0557 Ingolf Otelius Pedersen Gjengaar [I0234]
    1894-02-11 E0169 Edvard Plåt [I0074]
    1894-05-31 E0706 Ole Didrik Rønsen Romsaas [I0302]
    1894-10-01 E0300 Indiana Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0111]
    1894-10-03 E1652 Karl Arvid Olsson [I0779]
    1895-04-17 E0881 Oscar Richard Jensen [I0370]
    1896-01-22 E0609 Eline Sofie Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0256]
    1896-02-02 E0900 Henry Thorleif Abrahamsen [I0365]
    1896-08-07 E1660 Mathilda Teresia Nilsson [I0786]
    1896-09-23 E1965 Svanhild Helland [I0964]
    1896-09-27 E0258 Sivert Oliver Johan Johannesen Myren [I0099]
    1897-05-13 E0298 Nelle Karolina Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0112]
    1897-07-07 E0102 Hanna Hildegaard Olsson [I0049]
    1898-07-08 E0017 Otto Parelius Pedersen Gjengaar [I0012]
    1898-08-13 E0015 Pauline Othelie Nicolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0011]
    1899-02-24 E0134 Sverre Jensen [I0056]
    1899-06-24 E0902 Norman Emanuel Abrahamsen [I0366]
    1900-02-08 E0085 Hilma Olivia Romsaas [I0047]
    1900-04-24 E1654 Olof Erik Olsson [I0780]
    1900-06-20 E0296 Minde Jakobine Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0113]
    1900-08-07 E0611 Borghild Alise Nikolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0257]
    1900-09-03 E0254 Kristine Petrikke Jørgine Johannesdatter Myren [I0097]
    1901-08-06 E0049 Alfred Julius Johansen Hasbak [I0035]
    1901-12-21 E0887 Ingeborg Elfria Jensen [I0373]
    1902-01-18 E0088 Johan Petter Romsaas [I0045]
    1902-09-29 E0271 Trygve Larsen [I0104]
    1902-11-21 E0294 Ole Edvardsen Hernes [I0114]
    1903-01-17 E0047 Jonetta Hansine Petrikke Jensdatter Myren [I0034]
    1903-04-06 E0613 Hjalmar Martinius Nikolaisen Sørgaard [I0258]
    1903-12-08 E0074 Alf Harald Romsaas [I0040]
    1904-09-08 E0904 Reidar Abrahamsen [I0367]
    1905-04-20 E0615 Guttorm Nikolai Nikolaisen Sørgaard [I0259]
    1905-11-20 E0091 Olaf Kristoffer Romsaas [I0044]
    1906-01-06 E0273 Sverre Armand Larsen [I0105]
    1906-02-24 E0680 Solveig Pedersdatter Gjengaar [I0292]
    1906-07-13 E0256 Oline Johannesdatter Myren [I0098]
    1907-11-16 E0093 Dagny Marie Romsaas [I0046]
    1909-02-12 E2781 Arne Haakon Hansen [I1221]
    1909-10-01 E0076 Olga Mathilde Romsaas [I0041]
    1910-08-10 E2275 Astrid Synnøve Engebretsen [I1049]
    1911-07-11 E0153 Kristian Kornelius Maaø [I0064]
    1912-01-14 E1146 Ørnulf Johan Rahm Johnsen [I0100]
    1912-12-04 E0040 Åge Lorang Abrahamsen [I0026]
    1913-01-07 E0096 Oskar Ingolf Romsaas [I0043]
    1913-01-28 E0143 Karsten Brinkmann Maaø [I0059]
    1913-10-20 E0260 Svanhild Odine Larsen [I0057]
    1913-12-18 E0117 Margit Laurentze Abrahamsen [I0052]
    1914-06-04 E0145 Harald Efrain Maaø [I0060]
    1915-08-15 E0119 Solveig Abrahamsen [I0053]
    1916-07-09 E0037 Gerda Nilsson [I0027]
    1918-01-30 E0078 Henrik Bjarne Romsaas [I0042]
    1918-09-13 E0167 Nils Gustaf Edvard Plåt [I0075]
    1921-08-03 E0023 Olav Parelius Gjengaar [I0017]
    1922-02-08 E0053 Einar Daniel Maaø [I0032]
    1923-02-06 E0032 Rolf Kristian Romsaas [I0025]
    1923-06-20 E0030 Ingrid Solveig Hernes [I0024]
    1926-05-29 E0149 Børre Frimann Maaø [I0062]
    1928-01-28 E0008 Gunvald Gjengaar [I0007]
    1929-02-17 E0055 Astrid Johanne Johansen [I0033]
    1932-05-01 E0072 Arvid Gjengaar [I0019]
    1932-05-11 E0056 Odd Ingolf Johansen [I0036]
    1933-11-07 E0009 Solveig Regine Jensen [I0008]
    1936-05-23 E0266 Brit Jensen [I0101]
    1947-07-14 E0003 Arvid Abrahamsen [I0003]
    1952-12-17 E0006 Øyvind Gjengaar [I0005]
B Burial E1627 Karen Iversdatter Baden [I0753]
    E1632 Anne Nielsdatter Gyldenløve [I0761]
    E1844 Jakob Gertsen Ulfstand [I0883]
    E1848 Ingeborg Holgersdatter Ulfstand til Bosø Kloster og Gundestrup [I0416]
    E1852 Jens Holmgersen Urup [I0900]
    1540-08-10 E1634 Axel Eriksen Urup til Ugerup [I0767]
    1542-12-20 E1826 Holger Gregersen Ulfstand til Skabersø [I0853]
    1545-11-20 E1839 Truid Gregersen Ulfstand til Torup [I0863]
    1562-09-27 E1830 Else Holgersdatter Ulfstand [I0857]
    1567-11-11 E1623 Henrik Eriksen Urup til Vapnø, Ulen og Skjersnæs [I0752]
    1571-03-11 E1630 Erik Eriksen Urup [I0760]
    1576-10-25 E1617 Anna Henriksdatter Urup [I0754]
    1577-01-03 E1855 Niels Henriksen Sandberg til Tøistrup [I0907]
    1580-08-24 E3083 Hans Jørgensen Skovgaard til Gundestrup [I1393]
    1582-04-22 E1833 Christence Holgersdatter Ulfstand [I0859]
    1594-12-15 E1829 Hak Holgersen Ulfstand til Hikkebjerg [I0855]
    1601-04-21 E1608 Axel Henriksen Urup til Vapnø [I0742]
    1612-07-12 E3087 Jørgen Hansen Skovgaard til Gundestrup [I1396]
    1617-08-02 E1594 Hak Holgersen Ulfstand [I0730]
    1621-10-00 E1593 Hans Holgersen Ulfstand til Gundestrup [I0731]
    1622 E0679 Peder Due [I0287]
    1633-03-10 E3058 Henrik Jacobsen Vind til Aggersvold og Klarupgaard [I0434]
    1645-09-01 E1590 Anne Hansdatter Skovgaard til Gundestrup [I0420]
    1658-04-27 E1635 Iver Jacobsen Vind Klarupgaard, Nørholm, Agerkrog og Torpegaard [I0431]
    1671-04-06 E1605 Axel Axelsen Urup til Belteberg [I0747]
    1683-07-09 E3056 Holger Jørgensen Vind til Harrestedgaard, Kastrupgaard og Gjeddesdal [I0439]
    1693-06-06 E2505 Erik Pålsen Rud [I1154]
    1694-03-10 E2555 Anna Thorsdatter [I1180]
    1698-03-27 E2498 Pål Eriksen Rud [I1150]
    1699-05-21 E2501 Erik Pålsen Rud [I1153]
    1699-05-21 E2507 Eli Pålsdatter Rud [I1155]
    1699-05-21 E2687 Anne Pålsdatter [I1197]
    1699-05-25 E2499 Marthe Gulliksdatter [I1151]
    1699-05-25 E2500 Lars Pålsen Rud [I1152]
    1705-04-23 E3052 Ove Bielke Wind [I0597]
    1705-09-20 E2551 Christen Olsen [I1177]
    1707-03-18 E3053 Frederik Christian Wind [I0598]
    1713-02-14 E2536 Christen Sørensen Nordby [I1169]
    1713-12-03 E2515 Engelbret Svindal [I1156]
    1715-09-05 E2552 Olaug Gudmundsdatter [I1178]
    1716-01-30 E2541 Rangnil Sørensen Nordby [I1172]
    1718-01-01 E2544 Hans Olsen [I1173]
    1718-03-20 E1571 Anne Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0718]
    1719-11-19 E2479 Knud Jonsen Finstad [I1141]
    1721-12-21 E2483 Martha Jonsdatter Finstad [I1149]
    1723-03-07 E2481 Knud Jonsen Finstad [I1143]
    1724-09-29 E2485 Knud Jonsen Finstad [I1142]
    1724-10-15 E2529 Marthe Tostensdatter Nordby [I1165]
    1725-02-28 E2554 Sivert Olsen Skarning [I1179]
    1725-08-15 E2474 Eli Guttormsdatter Svindal [I1135]
    1726-01-27 E1578 Ragnhild Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0724]
    1726-07-03 E0485 Petronelle Christensdatter Gammelgaard [I0195]
    1728-12-26 E1577 Hans Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0722]
    1730-02-14 E2543 Marthe Gudmundsdatter [I1174]
    1730-10-22 E2488 Gubiør Jonsdatter Finstad [I1146]
    1731-09-29 E2490 Martha Dorethea Jonsdatter Finstad [I1147]
    1733-01-11 E2492 Gubiør Jonsdatter Finstad [I1148]
    1734-05-05 E1564 Thorbjørn Jensen Oppi [I0713]
    1736-10-19 E0487 Anthony Jacob Wilhelm de Coucheron [I0194]
    1736-11-25 E1960 Engebret Jensen [I0950]
    1737-07-05 E2706 Christen Jacobsen [I1202]
    1742-01-03 E2518 Marthe Sivertsdatter [I1157]
    1743-02-24 E1566 Mette Nielsdatter Ramby [I0714]
    1743-12-28 E0475 Johanna Jacobsdatter Colbjørnsen [I0174]
    1745-01-31 E2958 Anna Pedersdatter Taugland [I1315]
    1745-03-03 E0408 Anne Cathrine Wind [I0093]
    1745-03-03 E0427 Hans Christopher von Hirsch [I0173]
    1747-04-13 E2910 Jens Pedersen [I1280]
    1747-07-14 E2547 Engebret Hansen Walstad [I1175]
    1747-10-13 E2548 Marthe Larsdatter [I1176]
    1747-12-03 E1445 Marthe Svendsdatter Stadum [I0642]
    1749-11-18 E2422 Ingeborg Olsdatter [I1108]
    1750-06-08 E1961 Marthe Jensdatter [I0951]
    1750-08-30 E1448 Maria Svendsdatter Stadum [I0643]
    1751-06-17 E0752 Sjønne Arnesen [I1258]
    1752-03-08 E0442 Helle Ruus von Rummelhoff [I0184]
    1752-07-02 E2962 Mari Pedersdatter Taugland [I1318]
    1753-01-20 E0478 Boel Christiane Ravn [I0175]
    1753-09-09 E2872 Arne Sjønnesen Berger [I1260]
    1754-03-03 E1450 Nils Svendsen Stadum [I0644]
    1756-03-21 E2470 Ingeløv Pålsdatter Rud [I1132]
    1758-09-01 E0423 Joachim Fredrik von Rummelhoff [I0168]
    1759-04-12 E2879 Gulbrand Torkildsen Berger [I1263]
    1759-08-05 E1453 Nils Svendsen Hundstad [I0646]
    1760-01-14 E2094 Lisbet Olsdatter Tronbøl [I1035]
    1762-01-05 E0424 Henrich Johan Christen von Rummelhoff [I0170]
    1762-01-14 E2457 Jon Knudsen Holter [I1100]
    1762-01-29 E2670 Else Wind von Rummelhoff [I0171]
    1763-02-13 E1459 Hans Svendsen Hundstad [I0650]
    1765-04-21 E1455 Christian Svendsen Hundstad [I0647]
    1765-10-24 E2546 Tosten Engebretsen Walstad [I1124]
    1766-01-29 E2522 Hans Halvorsen [I1161]
    1767-04-16 E2955 Peder Larsen Taugland [I1243]
    1767-08-11 E0422 Margrethe Elisabeth von Rummelhoff [I0167]
    1768-05-19 E1462 Aase Svendsdatter Hundstad [I0652]
    1769-06-13 E0425 Ove Restorff von Rummelhoff [I0172]
    1770-04-30 E2421 Gudmund Christensen Gulli [I1101]
    1770-05-13 E2533 Guri Hansdatter Blekstad [I1125]
    1772-02-13 E2966 Jens Olsen [I1321]
    1772-03-08 E2956 Marthe Christophersdatter [I1244]
    1773-07-11 E2097 Martha Olsdatter Skarnes [I1038]
    1773-08-14 E0474 Holger Christopher von Rummelhoff [I0090]
    1773-09-12 E2086 Berte Olsdatter Svindal [I1023]
    1775-10-22 E1584 Søren Sjønnesen Berger [I0725]
    1776-08-24 E0381 Dorthe Erichsdatter [I0150]
    1779-01-18 E2405 Ouls Gudmundsen Gulli [I1089]
    1779-09-12 E2121 Kari Tostensdatter [I0989]
    1780-06-08 E0384 Dorthe Hansdatter Strøm [I0151]
    1783-03-09 E2919 Lisbeth Olsdatter [I1281]
    1783-07-06 E2897 Knud Hansen [I0716]
    1783-10-23 E1442 Svend Engebretsen [I0639]
    1786-12-18 E2703 Sophie Christensdatter Lund [I1162]
    1789-06-21 E0569 Abraham Olsen [I0411]
    1789-07-27 E2908 Ragnild Gulbrandsdatter [I1270]
    1790-07-29 E1539 Niels Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0695]
    1790-10-18 E1434 Enevold Engebretsen Hundstad [I0636]
    1790-10-20 E1463 Ragnhild Olsdatter Hundstad [I0640]
    1791-02-20 E2467 Marthe Olsdatter [I1127]
    1792-02-21 E2819 Ole Aschildsen Ljøgot [I1235]
    1793-03-02 E1556 Jens Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0702]
    1794-01-22 E2812 Simen Pedersen [I0537]
    1794-08-03 E1327 Peder Andersen [I0564]
    1795-02-13 E1330 Ivfer de Coucheron [I0201]
    1795-03-01 E1992 Johan Johansen Mangset [I0985]
    1796-05-05 E1988 Kiersti Johansdatter Mangset [I0982]
    1797-05-07 E2817 Cathrine Baatolsdatter [I1233]
    1797-11-13 E2849 Mari Christophersdatter Holum [I1245]
    1799-10-26 E2874 Marthe Gullichsdatter [I1259]
    1799-12-26 E2117 Kirstie Abrahamsdatter Spenningsby [I1039]
    1800-05-04 E1332 Helge Arnesen [I0570]
    1801-02-01 E2072 Ingeborg Marie Olsdatter Svindal [I1020]
    1801-03-17 E1545 Sjønne Sjønnesen Berger [I0700]
    1801-07-25 E2882 Torchild Erichsen [I1261]
    1801-08-16 E2055 Gustav Petersson Nyqvist [I1008]
    1802-04-25 E1534 Thorbjørn Jensen Oppi [I0692]
    1804-01-17 E1549 Ellen Gundersdatter Rud [I0701]
    1804-12-03 E0346 Guri Larsdatter Algrim [I1066]
    1805-03-05 E2843 Christen Amundsen Øktner [I1248]
    1805-04-04 E2375 Martha Hansdatter Algrim [I1078]
    1805-04-27 E0404 Ole Kiellsen Piksrud [I0152]
    1805-06-25 E2373 Lars Tostensen Nordby [I1077]
    1805-09-01 E0663 Ole Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0281]
    1807-12-20 E2088 Ole Christophersen Tronbøl [I1031]
    1808-04-14 E1425 Engebret Svendsen Stadum [I0631]
    1808-10-21 E2075 Ingeborg Engebretsdatter [I1022]
    1809-02-04 E1997 Rønnou Hansdatter [I0980]
    1809-03-16 E0473 Boel Christine de Coucheron [I0091]
    1809-04-29 E2404 Gunil Jonsdatter Finstad [I1090]
    1810-01-01 E1706 Göran Olsson Hedbom [I0800]
    1810-02-03 E2844 Lisbet Embretsdatter [I1249]
    1810-09-14 E0364 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0141]
    1812-05-02 E2089 Maren Jensdatter Enerud [I1032]
    1813-09-20 E0362 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0136]
    1813-10-09 E1996 Johan Fredriksen [I0979]
    1814-08-02 E1433 Enevold Engebretsen Hundstad [I0637]
    1814-10-31 E1428 Kirsti Enevoldsdatter Lehne [I0632]
    1816-03-03 E0361 Eli Jensdatter Oppi [I0140]
    1819-01-01 E2017 Cajsa Nilsdotter [I0993]
    1819-03-14 E1490 Ole Olsen Haugerud [I0669]
    1822-01-08 E2831 Lars Pedersen Taugland [I0533]
    1823-02-26 E1216 Dorthe Hansdatter [I0510]
    1824-09-05 E1481 Johanne Olsdatter Holtet [I0668]
    1824-09-17 E1202 Ragnhild Larsdatter Koldalen [I0506]
    1825-01-25 E2349 Kari Sindresdatter Gudmundsrud [I1063]
    1825-06-10 E1271 Gullik Larsen [I0535]
    1825-08-12 E0403 Kirsti Halvorsdatter Moe [I0153]
    1825-12-04 E2008 Erik Olof Carlson [I0990]
    1825-12-04 E2833 Mari Larsdatter [I0534]
    1826-04-22 E0174 Hans Oulsen Finstad [I1065]
    1827-01-16 E1035 Amund Christensen Øktner [I0421]
    1827-03-11 E0958 Anders Amundsen [I0394]
    1827-04-20 E0744 Kristoffer Olsen Ihle [I0311]
    1827-06-24 E1708 Christina Månsdotter [I0801]
    1827-11-11 E2895 Kari Knudsdatter Østgården [I0693]
    1827-12-16 E0962 Anders Amundsen [I0395]
    1828-06-29 E1785 Olof Nilsson [I0830]
    1828-11-09 E0641 Amund Johansen Øktner [I0273]
    1828-12-14 E1749 Nils Andersson [I0817]
    1830-06-03 E0656 Ingrid Johansdatter Holt [I0279]
    1831-05-22 E0238 Abraham Olsen Moss [I0088]
    1831-10-16 E2022 Stina Christophersdotter [I0996]
    1832-03-17 E3094 Helger Jensen Molden [I0447]
    1833-03-16 E2675 Berger Olsen [I0508]
    1834-05-19 E1702 Lisa Magnusdotter [I0798]
    1835-06-14 E2334 Inger Sophie Hansdatter Finstad [I0494]
    1835-09-20 E1804 Anna Lisa Ersdotter [I0836]
    1835-11-28 E0343 Mari Sjønnesdatter Berger [I0133]
    1835-12-23 E1501 Ole Guttormsen [I0486]
    1836-01-17 E1698 Magnus Göransson [I0796]
    1836-12-18 E1700 Stina Elofsdotter [I0797]
    1837-05-28 E0945 Amund Abrahamsen Spenningsby [I0387]
    1838-06-11 E2677 Kiersti Olsdatter [I0509]
    1839-04-15 E1225 Daniel Olsen Holtet [I0516]
    1839-07-21 E3037 Olof Persson [I1338]
    1839-10-20 E2123 Jens Pedersen [I0399]
    1839-10-28 E2351 Lars Kittilsen Noss [I1062]
    1840-06-14 E2040 Paul Myhr [I0958]
    1841-07-25 E2851 Hans Jørgensen Krybelsrud [I1251]
    1841-08-28 E2044 Peter Gustavsson Nyqvist [I1006]
    1841-11-07 E1079 Maren Jensdatter Framstad [I0445]
    1842-06-12 E2027 Olof Jonasson Trång [I1000]
    1843-06-29 E0242 Petronelle Agnethe von Rummelhoff [I0089]
    1844-02-25 E0968 Niels Amundsen [I0393]
    1844-09-12 E0736 Dorthe Larsdatter Taugland [I0310]
    1845-03-09 E2852 Eli Henningsdatter [I1252]
    1845-10-12 E0970 Kirsti Amundsdatter Spenningsby [I0391]
    1846-02-08 E1316 Halvor Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0553]
    1846-08-09 E1946 Christine Ingebrigtsdatter Skimmeli [I0941]
    1847-04-11 E2821 Margethe Aschildsdatter Ljøgot [I0538]
    1848-08-27 E1780 Maria Jonasdotter [I0829]
    1850-05-25 E1499 Ole Jensen [I0605]
    1850-09-16 E1735 Nils Nilsson [I0813]
    1850-10-18 E1206 Ole Olsen [I0507]
    1851-06-08 E1729 Olof Nilsson [I0811]
    1852-05-02 E0653 Engebret Olsen Tronbøl [I0278]
    1853-02-20 E1942 Cornelius Torstensen Overekset [I0933]
    1853-04-02 E1484 Hans Jacob Jensen Rovold [I0608]
    1854-06-16 E0868 Helmer Nikalai Paulsen Guttelsvik [I0355]
    1854-12-10 E2004 Anna Olsdotter [I0791]
    1855-03-11 E2037 Jonas Johansson Trång [I0790]
    1857-05-31 E0660 Ingrid Torbjørnsdatter Ødegaarden [I0280]
    1857-10-18 E1681 Anna Greta Göransdotter [I0793]
    1859-01-30 E0974 Kari Nilsdatter [I0388]
    1859-02-26 E2049 Marthe Olsdatter [I1013]
    1859-07-17 E0589 Ulrik Pedersen [I0235]
    1859-09-11 E0332 Inger Knutsdatter [I0128]
    1859-10-23 E1800 Erich Pärsson [I0835]
    1860-04-29 E1796 Maria Olsdotter [I0834]
    1860-05-06 E1754 Anna Ersdotter [I0818]
    1861-02-19 E0227 Olea Olsdatter Moe [I0083]
    1862-02-09 E1038 Eli Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I0422]
    1862-12-14 E1189 Berthea Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0498]
    1863-03-01 E1715 Cajsa Olsdotter [I0805]
    1863-06-07 E1135 Berthea Johannesdatter Holtet [I0472]
    1864-02-07 E2325 Christi Larsdatter Prestegården [I0489]
    1864-05-29 E1115 Johannes Olsen Holtet [I0464]
    1864-10-23 E0802 Bernhard Kristiansen Maaø [I0337]
    1864-11-07 E1143 Karen Johannesdatter Holtet [I0474]
    1865-02-05 E1776 Olof Jansson [I0828]
    1865-08-05 E0345 Jens Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0132]
    1865-08-13 E0862 Karen Anna Hendriksdatter Guttelsvig [I0353]
    1865-09-12 E0223 Holger Christopher Abrahamsen Moss [I0082]
    1865-12-10 E0369 Christine Andersdatter Øvre Strøm [I0134]
    1866-01-10 E2806 Pernille Olsdatter [I0504]
    1866-04-16 E1421 Ragnhild Engebretsdatter Hundstad [I0624]
    1866-04-19 E0730 Christopher Larsen Ihle [I0307]
    1866-09-10 E2321 Iver Bjørnsen Eidal [I0488]
    1867-06-16 E1194 Christian Amundsen Sjørbotten [I0495]
    1867-06-25 E0726 Maria Gulbrandsdatter Tveter [I0306]
    1867-09-21 E0631 Johan Johansen Mangset [I0270]
    1869-01-11 E1387 Kirsti Gabrielsdatter Frøshaug [I0613]
    1869-03-21 E3039 Britta Olofsdotter [I1005]
    1870-05-02 E1423 Gabriel Pedersen [I0623]
    1872-03-28 E0634 Eli Amundsdatter Øktner [I0271]
    1874-03-08 E1865 Paul Severin Myhre [I0916]
    1874-03-14 E1005 Carl Andreasen [I0408]
    1874-05-06 E1261 Kirsti Simonsdatter Olstad [I0529]
    1874-12-29 E1378 Jens Olsen Døhlen [I0375]
    1875-04-11 E2240 Marthe Hansdatter Haraldstad [I0502]
    1875-09-28 E0909 Ragna Emilie Abrahamsen [I0357]
    1876-04-21 E1176 Jacob Nielsen [I0492]
    1876-10-25 E1718 Pehr Nilsson [I0804]
    1877-01-09 E0593 Magli Petronelle Erichsdatter [I0236]
    1877-07-11 E1108 Ludvik Halvorsen [I0460]
    1877-12-14 E1007 Bernt Syvart Andreasen [I0407]
    1878-09-08 E0816 Laura Oline Kristiansdatter Maaø [I0343]
    1879-01-19 E1948 Ellen Martha Olsdatter Lundhaug [I0938]
    1879-02-18 E1263 Gulbrand Larsen Taugland [I0528]
    1879-12-21 E1743 Maria Nilsdatter [I0810]
    1880-05-10 E0739 Ole Christophersen Holum [I0309]
    1881-02-21 E0525 Nikoline Henriksdatter [I0217]
    1883-01-01 E1872 Edvard Martin Paulsen Myhre [I0913]
    1883-08-17 E1236 Gustaf Petersson Nyqvist [I0521]
    1884-01-22 E1075 Hans Ludvik Halvorsen [I0441]
    1886-01-14 E0210 Petronelle Holgersdatter Moss [I0079]
    1886-02-16 E2187 Gorine Maria Christensdatter Kjølstad [I0491]
    1886-08-20 E0716 Inger Pedersdatter Rønsen [I0304]
    1887-06-11 E1902 Thorsten Larsen Overekset [I0927]
    1888-06-23 E0895 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0362]
    1889-11-20 E0980 Peter Andreas Gustavsen [I0401]
    1890-02-09 E1745 Nils Olsson [I0809]
    1890-06-28 E1894 Lars Torstensen Overekset [I0919]
    1890-12-21 E0919 Abraham Amundsen [I0378]
    1891-11-22 E0837 Nikolai Daniel Korneliusen Hagadal [I0348]
    1892-10-20 E0935 Ingeborg Jensdatter Morstad [I0379]
    1893-02-11 E1907 Ellen Olsdatter Sagberget [I0928]
    1895-07-10 E1953 Engebret Svendsen [I0937]
    1895-11-05 E0875 Marte Kristina Pedersdatter [I0227]
    1896-11-03 E1283 Andreas Halvorsen Borgen [I0490]
    1897-03-06 E1968 Svanhild Helland [I0964]
    1898-07-25 E0751 Halvor Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0312]
    1899-01-27 E0839 Eline Danielsdatter Kiran [I0336]
    1899-03-19 E1687 Göran Magnusson [I0788]
    1900-05-24 E0848 Peder Andreas Nilsen Tenden [I0222]
    1900-06-22 E1152 Kari Iversdatter Prestelien [I0477]
    1900-06-30 E0204 Tosten Jensen Oppi [I0078]
    1900-12-10 E0533 Inger Marie Andresen [I0219]
    1902-01-30 E0587 Sophie Olsdatter Viksaas [I0232]
    1903-04-29 E0215 Engebret Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0080]
    1904-02-17 E0219 Anne Johansdatter Øktner [I0081]
    1905-06-18 E1658 Olaf Jonasson Trång [I0385]
    1908-01-06 E0984 Inger Marie Christophersdatter [I0402]
    1909-03-09 E0583 Nils Benjamin Ulriksen Valla [I0223]
    1910-04-30 E0197 Edvard Tostensen Sander [I0076]
    1911-02-23 E0529 Lars Halvorsen Prestelien [I0218]
    1911-04-10 E0685 Bernt Petter Henriksen Rønsen [I0293]
    1911-04-22 E1119 Karen Bergersdatter Kvisle [I0465]
    1911-11-14 E0184 Kristian Kornelius Maaø [I0064]
    1912-07-11 E0722 Lars Olsen Ihle [I0305]
    1914-10-08 E2447 Serine Sivertsdatter Stenaunet [I0914]
    1915-07-19 E0857 Paul Nilsen Sørgaard [I0261]
    1916-05-04 E0829 Hansine Klemmetsdatter Maavig [I0334]
    1917-02-18 E1689 Kaisa Olsdotter [I0789]
    1920-01-20 E0165 Edvard Plåt [I0074]
    1921-11-17 E1898 Anne Ingebrigtsdatter Denstad [I0920]
    1925-02-10 E1657 Olof Erik Olsson [I0780]
    1925-09-12 E1970 Sivert Kornelius Nilssen Nordfligan [I0335]
    1925-11-02 E2784 Henry Thorleif Abrahamsen [I0365]
    1927-03-20 E0780 Elen Johanna Olausdatter Bratgjerd [I0325]
    1927-06-16 E0833 Jens Christian Andreasen Halsvig [I0333]
    1927-07-16 E3047 Norman Emanuel Abrahamsen [I0366]
    1934-10-08 E0690 Dorthea Larsdatter Ihle [I0294]
    1942-04-15 E0753 Regine Olivia Johannesdatter Holtet [I0313]
    1945-02-20 E0854 Martha Margrethe Sivertsdatter Sørgaard [I0016]
    1945-11-24 E0131 Kristina Emilia Nilsson [I0054]
    1946-09-14 E0070 Henrik Pettersen Romsaas [I0038]
    1946-10-14 E0187 Severin Kornelius Kristiansen Maaø [I0037]
    1946-12-17 E0281 Torger Larsen Overekset [I0102]
    1947-09-05 E0285 Paula Severine Myhre [I0103]
    1947-10-02 E0852 Helmer Nikalai Paulsen Sørgaard [I0015]
    1950-04-21 E0114 Margit Halvorsen [I0051]
    1951-06-09 E3041 Johanne Kristina Erikson [I1343]
    1956-01-07 E0872 Karianne Samuelsdatter Skarsten [I0095]
    1961-03-20 E0189 Nikoline Emilie Korneliusdatter Hagadal [I0058]
    1961-11-18 E0125 Dagny Marie Romsaas [I0046]
    1962-01-13 E1973 Jens Johannesen Myren [I0094]
    1963-01-28 E0110 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0050]
    1963-05-24 E0283 Sverre Armand Larsen [I0105]
    1965-06-01 E0068 Regine Mathilde Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0039]
    1967-02-24 E0709 Ole Didrik Rønsen Romsaas [I0302]
    1968-01-03 E0711 Gudbrand Rønsen Romsaas [I0300]
    1969-10-15 E0083 Alf Harald Romsaas [I0040]
    1970-05-10 E0105 Hanna Hildegaard Olsson [I0049]
    1970-08-17 E0098 Oskar Ingolf Romsaas [I0043]
    1971-05-08 E0133 Alfred Julius Johansen Hasbak [I0035]
    1973-10-11 E2780 Arne Haakon Hansen [I1221]
    1975-09-02 E0128 Johan Petter Romsaas [I0045]
    1980-06-06 E0585 Norenius Skrøder Pedersen Gjengaar [I0240]
    1982-09-04 E0036 Pauline Othelie Nicolaisdatter Sørgaard [I0011]
    1984-07-13 E0060 Jonetta Hansine Petrikke Jensdatter Myren [I0034]
    1985-10-14 E0181 Karsten Brinkmann Maaø [I0059]
    1988-11-19 E0028 Otto Parelius Pedersen Gjengaar [I0012]
    1989-01-31 E0073 Arvid Gjengaar [I0019]
    1989-09-14 E2282 Astrid Synnøve Engebretsen [I1049]
    1992-10-22 E0262 Svanhild Odine Larsen [I0057]
    1993-05-13 E0081 Henrik Bjarne Romsaas [I0042]
    1995-10-05 E0191 Åge Lorang Abrahamsen [I0026]
    1996-10-03 E0193 Nils Gustaf Edvard Plåt [I0075]
    1997-09-23 E0058 Odd Ingolf Johansen [I0036]
    2001-10-10 E0264 Ørnulf Johan Rahm Johnsen [I0100]
    2003-05-07 E2778 Margit Laurentze Abrahamsen [I0052]
    2004-11-05 E0123 Olga Mathilde Romsaas [I0041]
    2005-12-22 E0052 Einar Daniel Maaø [I0032]
    2006-06-21 E0151 Børre Frimann Maaø [I0062]
    2009-01-08 E3045 Gerda Nilsson [I0027]
    2011-11-10 E2723 Øyvind Gjengaar [I0005]
    2014-05-02 E2722 Gunvald Gjengaar [I0007]
    2015-02-06 E2769 Solveig Regine Jensen [I0008]
    2016-03-17 E2789 Arvid Abrahamsen [I0003]
    2017-03-03 E3026 Ingrid Solveig Hernes [I0024]
C Census 1664-09-28 E2678 Pål Eriksen Rud [I1150]
    1664-09-28 E2679 Erik Eriksen [I1193]
    1664-09-28 E2680 Erik Børgersen [I1192]
    1664-11-24 E3015 Halvor Halvorsen [I1325]
    1666-02-26 E2681 Erik Børgersen [I1192]
    1666-02-26 E2682 Pål Eriksen Rud [I1150]
    1666-02-26 E2683 Erik Eriksen [I1193]
    1801-02-01 E2087 Ingeborg Engebretsdatter [I1022]
    1801-02-01 E1502 Mari Christophersdatter [I0444]
    1801-02-01 E2098 Amund Abrahamsen Spenningsby [I0387]
    1801-02-01 E2099 Anne Abrahamsdatter [I1040]
    1801-02-01 E2100 Marte Abrahamsensdatter Spenningsby [I1041]
    1801-02-01 E2101 Ole Abrahamsen [I1042]
    1801-02-01 E2102 Kirsti Abrahamsdatter [I1043]
    1801-02-01 E2110 Ole Hansen [I1015]
    1801-02-01 E2111 Berte Olsdatter Svindal [I1016]
    1801-02-01 E2112 Berte Maria Olsdatter Svindal [I1018]
    1801-02-01 E2113 Ingeborg Marie Olsdatter Svindal [I1020]
    1801-02-01 E2149 Lars Amundsen Ljødal [I0659]
    1801-02-01 E2150 Henrik Larsen Ljødal [I0303] Inger Olsdatter [I0660] Ole Larsen Ljødal [I0662] Hans Larsen Ljødal [I0663] Marthe Larsdatter Ljødal [I0664]
    1801-02-01 E2151 Amund Larsen Ljødal [I0661]
    1801-02-01 E2322 Iver Bjørnsen Eidal [I0488]
    1801-02-01 E2328 Ole Guttormsen [I0486]
    1801-02-01 E2329 Kari Olsdatter [I0487]
    1801-02-01 E2330 Sissel Olsdatter Holte [I0674]
    1801-02-01 E2331 Thuri Olsdatter Ulshagaplassen [I0675]
    1801-02-01 E2335 Inger Sophie Hansdatter Finstad [I0494]
    1801-02-01 E2352 Bjørn Iversen [I1060]
    1801-02-01 E2353 Ragnhild Halvorsdatter [I1061]
    1801-02-01 E2354 Halvor Bjørnsen Eidal [I1076]
    1801-02-01 E2358 Guri Larsdatter Algrim [I1066]
    1801-02-01 E2359 Olds Hansen Finstad [I1075]
    1801-02-01 E2360 Lars Hansen Finstad [I1074]
    1801-02-01 E2361 Ole Hansen Finstad [I1073]
    1801-02-01 E2362 Hans Hansen Finstad [I1072]
    1801-02-01 E2363 Engebret Hansen Finstad [I1071]
    1801-02-01 E2364 Hans Oulsen Finstad [I1065]
    1801-02-01 E2365 Lars Kittilsen Noss [I1062]
    1801-02-01 E2366 Christi Larsdatter Prestegården [I0489]
    1801-02-01 E2367 Anne Larsdatter Prestegården [I1064]
    1801-02-01 E2368 Kari Sindresdatter Gudmundsrud [I1063]
    1801-02-01 E2376 Lars Tostensen Nordby [I1077]
    1801-02-01 E2377 Martha Hansdatter Algrim [I1078]
    1801-02-01 E2378 Tosten Larsen Algrim [I1080]
    1801-02-01 E2379 Hans Larsen Algrim [I1081]
    1801-02-01 E2380 Lars Larsen Algrim [I1082]
    1801-02-01 E2381 Anne Larsdatter Algrim [I1083]
    1801-02-01 E2391 Maria Halvorsdatter [I0565]
    1801-02-01 E2392 Anne Helgesdatter Borgen [I0571]
    1801-02-01 E2393 Christian Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0569]
    1801-02-01 E2395 Gunil Jonsdatter Finstad [I1090]
    1801-02-01 E2443 Kirsti Thommesdatter [I1119]
    1801-02-01 E2444 Birgith Kittilsdatter Noss [I1113]
    1801-02-01 E2445 Kari Kittilsdatter Biella [I1115]
    1801-02-01 E2456 Berthe Henriksdatter [I0665]
    1801-02-01 E2606 Peder Alvsen Rønsen [I0965]
    1801-02-01 E2607 Goro Rasmusdatter [I0966]
    1801-02-01 E2608 Dorthe Larsdatter Taugland [I0310]
    1801-02-01 E2609 Gulbrand Larsen Taugland [I0528]
    1801-02-01 E2610 Ole Christophersen Holum [I0309]
    1801-02-01 E2611 Kirsti Simonsdatter Olstad [I0529]
    1801-02-01 E2612 Margethe Aschildsdatter Ljøgot [I0538]
    1801-02-01 E2613 Thorbjørn Jensen Oppi [I0692]
    1801-02-01 E2614 Kari Knudsdatter Østgården [I0693]
    1801-02-01 E2615 Jens Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0132]
    1801-02-01 E2616 Gulbrand Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0696]
    1801-02-01 E2617 Amund Thorbjørnsen Oppi [I0697]
    1801-02-01 E2618 Sigrid Thorbjørnsdatter Oppi [I0694]
    1801-02-01 E2619 Maria Bergersen [I0192]
    1801-02-01 E2620 Friedrich Rummelhoff Abrahamsen Moss [I0148]
    1801-02-01 E2621 Anthon Jacob Abrahamsen Moss [I0147]
    1801-02-01 E2622 Jacob Neumann Abrahamsen Moss [I0146]
    1801-02-01 E2623 Ole Coucheron Abrahamsen Moss [I0145]
    1801-02-01 E2624 Iver Neumann Abrahamsen Moss [I0144]
    1801-02-01 E2625 Boel Christine Abrahamsdatter Moss [I0143]
    1801-02-01 E2626 Holger Christopher Abrahamsen Moss [I0082]
    1801-02-01 E2627 Inger Maria Abrahamsdatter Moss [I0142]
    1801-02-01 E2628 Petronelle Agnethe von Rummelhoff [I0089]
    1801-02-01 E2629 Abraham Olsen Moss [I0088]
    1801-02-01 E2630 Boel Christine de Coucheron [I0091]
    1801-02-01 E2631 Amund Christensen Øktner [I0421]
    1801-02-01 E2632 Listbeth Amundsdatter Øktner [I0423]
    1801-02-01 E2633 Eli Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I0422]
    1801-02-01 E2634 Johan Johansen Mangset [I0270]
    1801-02-01 E2635 Ingrid Johansdatter Holt [I0279]
    1801-02-01 E2636 Kari Johansdatter Mangset [I0981]
    1801-02-01 E2637 Eli Johansdatter Mangset [I0983]
    1801-02-01 E2638 Marte Johansdatter Mangset [I0988]
    1801-02-01 E2639 Hans Johansen Mangset [I0986]
    1801-02-01 E2640 Ole Johansen Mangset [I0987]
    1801-02-01 E2641 Rønnou Hansdatter [I0980]
    1801-02-01 E2642 Johan Fredriksen [I0979]
    1801-02-01 E2643 Maren Jensdatter Enerud [I1032]
    1801-02-01 E2644 Engebret Olsen Tronbøl [I0278]
    1801-02-01 E2645 Guldbrand Olsen Tronbøl [I1037]
    1801-02-01 E2646 Ole Christophersen Tronbøl [I1031]
    1801-02-01 E2647 Christopher Olsen Tronbøl [I1034]
    1801-02-01 E2648 Mari Sjønnesdatter Berger [I0133]
    1801-02-01 E2649 Tosten Sjønnesen Berger [I0729]
    1801-02-01 E2650 Gulbrand Sjønnesen Berger [I0728]
    1801-02-01 E2651 Gunder Sjønnesen Berger [I0727]
    1801-02-01 E2653 Siønne Sjønnesen Berger [I1187]
    1801-02-01 E2654 Sjønne Sjønnesen Berger [I0700]
    1801-02-01 E2655 Ellen Gundersdatter Rud [I0701]
    1801-02-01 E2656 Kirsti Halvorsdatter Moe [I0153]
    1801-02-01 E2657 Ole Olsen Moe [I0163]
    1801-02-01 E2658 Christian Olsen Moe [I0154]
    1801-02-01 E2659 Eli Olsdatter Moe [I0162]
    1801-02-01 E2660 Kirsti Olsdatter Moe [I0164]
    1801-02-01 E2661 Ole Kiellsen Piksrud [I0152]
    1801-02-01 E2662 Olea Olsdatter Moe [I0083]
    1801-02-01 E2663 Halvor Pedersen Imshaugstuen [I0553]
    1801-02-01 E2664 Kari Nilsdatter [I0388]
    1801-02-01 E2809 Jacob Simonsen Habberstad [I1231]
    1801-02-01 E2837 Christopher Olsen [I1188]
    1801-02-01 E2838 Magrethe Andersdatter [I1189]
    1801-02-01 E2839 Ane Christophersdatter Holum [I1246]
    1801-02-01 E2846 Christen Amundsen Øktner [I1248]
    1801-02-01 E2847 Lisbet Embretsdatter [I1249]
    1801-02-01 E2860 Hans Jørgensen Krybelsrud [I1251]
    1801-02-01 E2861 Eli Henningsdatter [I1252]
    1801-02-01 E2862 Jørgen Hansen Krybelsrud [I1253]
    1801-02-01 E2863 Kari Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I1254]
    1801-02-01 E2864 Tore Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I1257]
    1801-02-01 E2865 Inger Hansdatter Krybelsrud [I1255]
    1801-02-01 E2866 Henning Hansen Krybelsrud [I1256]
    1801-02-01 E2883 Torchild Erichsen [I1261]
    1801-02-01 E2884 Gulbrand Torkildsen Berger [I1264]
    1801-02-01 E2971 Lars Pedersen Taugland [I0533]
    1801-02-01 E2972 Marthe Larsdatter Taugland [I1236]
    1801-02-01 E2973 Anne Larsdatter Taugland [I1237]
    1801-02-01 E2974 Peder Larsen Taugland [I1238]
    1801-02-01 E2975 Lars Larsen Taugland [I1239]
    1801-02-01 E2976 Ingebor Larsdatter Taugland [I1240]
    1801-02-01 E2977 Ole Larsen Taugland [I1241]
    1801-02-01 E2978 Mari Larsdatter [I0534]
    1834-03-25 E2250 Amund Abrahamsen Spenningsby [I0387]
    1834-03-25 E2251 Kari Nilsdatter [I0388]
    1834-03-25 E2252 Abraham Amundsen [I0378]
    1834-03-25 E2253 Berthe Amundsdatter [I0396]
    1834-03-25 E2254 Kirsti Amundsdatter Spenningsby [I0391]
    1834-03-25 E2255 Niels Amundsen [I0393]
    1834-03-25 E2256 Isaak Amundsen [I0397]
    1841-01-21 E2257 Kari Nilsdatter [I0388]
    1841-01-21 E2258 Abraham Amundsen [I0378]
    1841-01-21 E2259 Isaak Amundsen [I0397]
    1841-01-21 E2260 Kirsti Amundsdatter Spenningsby [I0391]
    1841-01-21 E2261 Maren Amundsdatter [I0392]
    1865-12-31 E2133 Inger Marie Christophersdatter [I0402]
    1865-12-31 E2134 Peter Andreas Gustavsen [I0401]
    1865-12-31 E2135 Anna Indiane Andreasen [I0403]
    1865-12-31 E2136 Gunda Andreasen [I0404]
    1865-12-31 E2137 Edon Andreasen [I0405]
    1865-12-31 E2138 Kaja Andreasdatter [I0406]
    1865-12-31 E2139 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1865-12-31 E2140 Bernt Syvart Andreasen [I0407]
    1865-12-31 E2183 Gorine Maria Christensdatter Kjølstad [I0491]
    1865-12-31 E2184 Jacob Nielsen [I0492]
    1865-12-31 E2185 Inger Marie Andresen [I0219]
    1865-12-31 E2234 Marthe Hansdatter Haraldstad [I0502]
    1865-12-31 E2235 Christian Amundsen Sjørbotten [I0495]
    1865-12-31 E2236 Bernhard Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0499]
    1865-12-31 E2237 Pernille Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0501]
    1865-12-31 E2238 Karen Kristiansdatter Sjørbotten [I0497]
    1865-12-31 E2241 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1865-12-31 E2242 Adolf Hagbart Abrahamsen [I0380]
    1865-12-31 E2243 Theoline Abrahamsdatter [I0382]
    1865-12-31 E2244 Kristian Frits Abrahamsen [I0383]
    1865-12-31 E2245 Abraham Amundsen [I0378]
    1865-12-31 E2246 Ingeborg Jensdatter Morstad [I0379]
    1865-12-31 E2247 Gustaf Petersson Nyqvist [I0521]
    1865-12-31 E2248 Ingeborg Olsdatter Svindal [I0522]
    1865-12-31 E2249 Bernt Petter Henriksen Rønsen [I0293]
    1865-12-31 E2265 Halvor Olsen Ulshagaplassen [I0476]
    1865-12-31 E2266 Halvor Halvorsen Kittilsplass [I0481]
    1865-12-31 E2268 Inger Christine Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0484]
    1865-12-31 E2269 Ragnild Halvorsdatter Kittilsplass [I0485]
    1865-12-31 E2270 Kari Iversdatter Prestelien [I0477]
    1865-12-31 E2271 Halvor Larsen [I0453]
    1865-12-31 E2272 Oline Larsdatter Kittilsplass [I0454]
    1865-12-31 E2273 Lars Halvorsen Prestelien [I0218]
    1865-12-31 E2283 Andreas Halvorsen Borgen [I0490]
    1865-12-31 E2284 Halvor Andreasen [I0541]
    1865-12-31 E2285 Martin Andreasen [I0544]
    1865-12-31 E2286 Maren Oline Andreasdatter [I0551]
    1865-12-31 E2287 Johan Andreasen [I0545]
    1865-12-31 E2288 Anne Marie Andreasdatter [I0548]
    1865-12-31 E2289 Andrine Andreasdatter [I0549]
    1865-12-31 E2290 Anne Engebretsdatter [I0540]
    1865-12-31 E2291 Inger Pedersdatter Rønsen [I0304]
    1865-12-31 E2292 Lars Larsen Rønsen [I0657]
    1865-12-31 E2293 Martine Hendrikke Larsdatter Rønsen [I0658]
    1865-12-31 E2294 Ole Henriksen Rønsen [I0655]
    1865-12-31 E2295 Lars Henriksen Rønsen [I0653]
    1865-12-31 E2318 Iver Bjørnsen Eidal [I0488]
    1865-12-31 E2319 Margit Iversdatter Eidal [I1059]
    1865-12-31 E2561 Dorthea Larsdatter Ihle [I0294]
    1865-12-31 E2562 Lars Olsen Ihle [I0305]
    1865-12-31 E2563 Maria Gulbrandsdatter Tveter [I0306]
    1865-12-31 E2564 Christopher Larsen Ihle [I0307]
    1865-12-31 E2565 Ole Christophersen Holum [I0309]
    1865-12-31 E2566 Gulbrand Larsen Taugland [I0528]
    1865-12-31 E2567 Kirsti Simonsdatter Olstad [I0529]
    1865-12-31 E2568 Lars Gulbrandsen Tveter [I0531]
    1865-12-31 E2569 Gulbrand Gulbrandsen Tveter [I0530]
    1865-12-31 E2570 Sørine Gulbrandsdatter Tveter [I0532]
    1865-12-31 E2571 Indiane Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0077]
    1865-12-31 E2572 Eli Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0126]
    1865-12-31 E2573 Engebret Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0080]
    1865-12-31 E2574 Anne Johansdatter Øktner [I0081]
    1865-12-31 E2575 Edvard Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0129]
    1865-12-31 E2576 Caroline Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0130]
    1865-12-31 E2577 Johan Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0131]
    1865-12-31 E2578 Johan Johansen Mangset [I0270]
    1865-12-31 E2579 Eli Amundsdatter Øktner [I0271]
    1865-12-31 E2580 Johan Johansen Øktner [I0277]
    1865-12-31 E2581 Amund Johansen Øktner [I0276]
    1865-12-31 E2582 Karen Bergersdatter Kvisle [I0465]
    1865-12-31 E2583 Christian Johannesen Holtet [I0470]
    1865-12-31 E2584 Ole Johannesen Holtet [I0471]
    1865-12-31 E2585 Johanne Johannesdatter Holtet [I0475]
    1865-12-31 E2586 Oluf Johannesen Holtet [I0473]
    1865-12-31 E2587 Kristine Johannesdatter Holtet [I0469]
    1865-12-31 E2588 Petronelle Tostensdatter Sander [I0120]
    1865-12-31 E2589 Caroline Tostensdatter Sander [I0122]
    1865-12-31 E2590 Anette Tostensdatter Sander [I0123]
    1865-12-31 E2591 Holger Tostensen Sander [I0119]
    1865-12-31 E2592 Tosten Tostensen Sander [I0121]
    1865-12-31 E2593 Ole Sigvart Tostensen Sander [I0124]
    1865-12-31 E2594 Edvard Tostensen Sander [I0076]
    1865-12-31 E2595 Peter Tostensen Sander [I0125]
    1865-12-31 E2596 Petronelle Holgersdatter Moss [I0079]
    1865-12-31 E2597 Tosten Jensen Oppi [I0078]
    1865-12-31 E2605 Regine Olivia Johannesdatter Holtet [I0313]
    1865-12-31 E0455 Halvor Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0312]
    1876-01-03 E1984 Gustaf Petersson Nyqvist [I0521]
    1876-01-03 E1985 Ingeborg Olsdatter Svindal [I0522]
    1876-01-03 E2182 Gorine Maria Christensdatter Kjølstad [I0491]
    1876-01-03 E2600 Halvor Kristiansen Sjørbotten [I0312]
    1876-01-03 E2601 Regine Olivia Johannesdatter Holtet [I0313]
    1876-01-03 E2602 Otto Halvorsen Holtet [I0314]
    1876-01-03 E2603 Kaia Kristiansen Holtet [I0315]
    1876-01-03 E2604 Kristian Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0316]
    1876-01-03 E2730 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1876-01-03 E2731 Nikoline Henriksdatter [I0217]
    1876-01-03 E2732 Abraham Amundsen [I0378]
    1876-01-03 E2733 Ingeborg Jensdatter Morstad [I0379]
    1876-01-03 E2734 Theoline Abrahamsdatter [I0382]
    1876-01-03 E2735 Karoline Amalie Abrahamsdatter [I0384]
    1876-01-03 E2736 Kristian Frits Abrahamsen [I0383]
    1885-12-31 E2130 Inger Marie Christophersdatter [I0402]
    1885-12-31 E2131 Peter Andreas Gustavsen [I0401]
    1885-12-31 E2132 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1885-12-31 E2689 Lars Halvorsen Prestelien [I0218]
    1885-12-31 E2690 Inger Marie Andresen [I0219]
    1885-12-31 E2691 Anna Halvorsen [I0440]
    1885-12-31 E2692 Wilhelm Andreas Larsen [I0456]
    1891-01-01 E2991 Edvard Tostensen Sander [I0076]
    1891-01-01 E2992 Emil Edvardsen Hernes [I0107]
    1891-01-01 E2993 Tosten Edvardsen Hernes [I0108]
    1891-01-01 E2994 Petter Edvardsen Hernes [I0110]
    1891-01-01 E2995 Anne Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0109]
    1891-01-01 E2996 Indiane Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0077]
    1891-01-01 E2997 Engebret Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0080]
    1891-01-01 E2998 Anne Johansdatter Øktner [I0081]
    1891-01-01 E2999 Johan Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0131]
    1891-01-01 E3000 Ole Sigvart Tostensen Sander [I0124]
    1891-01-01 E3001 Tosten Jensen Oppi [I0078]
    1891-01-01 E3002 Lars Halvorsen Prestelien [I0218]
    1891-01-01 E3003 Inger Marie Andresen [I0219]
    1891-01-01 E3004 Margit Halvorsen [I0051]
    1891-01-01 E3005 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1891-01-01 E3006 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1891-01-01 E3007 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0050]
    1891-01-01 E3008 Valborg Eugenie Abrahamsen [I0363]
    1891-01-01 E3009 Ingeborg Jensdatter Morstad [I0379]
    1891-01-01 E3010 Kristian Frits Abrahamsen [I0383]
    1891-01-01 E3011 Karoline Amalie Abrahamsdatter [I0384]
    1891-01-01 E3012 Adolf Hagbart Abrahamsen [I0380]
    1900-12-03 E2128 Inger Marie Christophersdatter [I0402]
    1900-12-03 E2129 Anna Indiane Andreasen [I0403]
    1900-12-03 E2192 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1900-12-03 E2193 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0050]
    1900-12-03 E2194 Valborg Eugenie Abrahamsen [I0363]
    1900-12-03 E2195 Sigurd Eugen Abrahamsen [I0364]
    1900-12-03 E2196 Henry Thorleif Abrahamsen [I0365]
    1900-12-03 E2197 Norman Emanuel Abrahamsen [I0366]
    1900-12-03 E2198 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1900-12-03 E2199 Lars Halvorsen Prestelien [I0218]
    1900-12-03 E2200 Margit Halvorsen [I0051]
    1900-12-03 E2201 Inger Marie Andresen [I0219]
    1900-12-03 E2202 Henrik Pettersen Romsaas [I0038]
    1900-12-03 E2203 Regine Olivia Johannesdatter Holtet [I0313]
    1900-12-03 E2204 Regine Mathilde Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0039]
    1900-12-03 E2205 Kristian Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0316]
    1900-12-03 E2206 Hakon Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0320]
    1900-12-03 E2207 Anna Kristina Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0321]
    1900-12-03 E2208 Lars Olsen Ihle [I0305]
    1900-12-03 E2209 Knud Martin Larsen Ihle [I0308]
    1900-12-03 E2210 Bernt Petter Henriksen Rønsen [I0293]
    1900-12-03 E2211 Christian Rønsen Romsaas [I0295]
    1900-12-03 E2212 Lars Olaf Rønsen Romsaas [I0296]
    1900-12-03 E2213 Marie Rønsen Romsaas [I0298]
    1900-12-03 E2214 Johanne Rønsen Romsaas [I0299]
    1900-12-03 E2215 Inga Rønsen Romsaas [I0301]
    1900-12-03 E2216 Ole Didrik Rønsen Romsaas [I0302]
    1900-12-03 E2217 Gudbrand Rønsen Romsaas [I0300]
    1900-12-03 E2218 Dorthea Larsdatter Ihle [I0294]
    1900-12-03 E2219 Johanne Johannesdatter Holtet [I0475]
    1900-12-03 E2220 Karen Bergersdatter Kvisle [I0465]
    1900-12-03 E2221 Edvard Edvardsen Hernes [I0048]
    1900-12-03 E2222 Emil Edvardsen Hernes [I0107]
    1900-12-03 E2223 Tosten Edvardsen Hernes [I0108]
    1900-12-03 E2224 Anne Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0109]
    1900-12-03 E2225 Petter Edvardsen Hernes [I0110]
    1900-12-03 E2226 Indiana Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0111]
    1900-12-03 E2227 Nelle Karolina Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0112]
    1900-12-03 E2228 Minde Jakobine Edvardsdatter Hernes [I0113]
    1900-12-03 E2229 Edvard Tostensen Sander [I0076]
    1900-12-03 E2230 Indiane Engebretsdatter Gjelsnes [I0077]
    1900-12-03 E2231 Engebret Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0080]
    1900-12-03 E2232 Johan Engebretsen Gjelsnes [I0131]
    1900-12-03 E2233 Anne Johansdatter Øktner [I0081]
    1900-12-03 E2785 Ragna Bolette Abrahamsen [I0358]
    1905-12-31 E2737 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1905-12-31 E2738 Valborg Eugenie Abrahamsen [I0363]
    1905-12-31 E2739 Sigurd Eugen Abrahamsen [I0364]
    1905-12-31 E2740 Norman Emanuel Abrahamsen [I0366]
    1905-12-31 E2741 Henry Thorleif Abrahamsen [I0365]
    1905-12-31 E2742 Reidar Abrahamsen [I0367]
    1905-12-31 E2743 Alfred Marinius Abrahamsen [I0050]
    1905-12-31 E2744 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1905-12-31 E2745 Regine Mathilde Halvorsen Klundsæter [I0039]
    1905-12-31 E2746 Hilma Olivia Romsaas [I0047]
    1905-12-31 E2747 Johan Petter Romsaas [I0045]
    1905-12-31 E2748 Alf Harald Romsaas [I0040]
    1905-12-31 E2749 Olaf Kristoffer Romsaas [I0044]
    1905-12-31 E2750 Henrik Pettersen Romsaas [I0038]
    1905-12-31 E2751 Lars Olaf Rønsen Romsaas [I0296]
    1910-12-01 E2141 Margit Halvorsen [I0051]
    1910-12-01 E2142 Martinius Enevold Abrahamsen [I0215]
    1910-12-01 E2143 Sigurd Eugen Abrahamsen [I0364]
    1910-12-01 E2144 Henry Thorleif Abrahamsen [I0365]
    1910-12-01 E2145 Norman Emanuel Abrahamsen [I0366]
    1910-12-01 E2146 Reidar Abrahamsen [I0367]
    1910-12-01 E2147 Valborg Eugenie Abrahamsen [I0363]
    1910-12-01 E2148 Inga Alette Andreasen [I0216]
    1910-12-01 E2152 Bernt Petter Henriksen Rønsen [I0293]
    1910-12-01 E2153 Dorthea Larsdatter Ihle [I0294]
    1910-12-01 E2154 Christian Rønsen Romsaas [I0295]
    1910-12-01 E2155 Ole Didrik Rønsen Romsaas [I0302]