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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Aasnesmoen [P0330]   Norway    
  Adamstuen, Oslo, Norway [P0292]        
  Åfjord [P0014]   Norway 63°57'43.00"N 10°13'33.00"E
  Aker kirke, Oslo, Norway [P0067]     59°55'24.00"N 10°44'50.00"E
  Akersgata 2, Oslo, Norway [P0334]        
  Ål [P0073]   Norway 60°37'49.00"N 8°33'40.00"E
  Älgå Bruk, Älgå, Värmland, Sweden [P0274]        
  Älgå, Värmland, Sweden [P0234]        
  Algrim [P0311]   Norway    
  Alm, Tingelstad, Gran, Oppland, Norway [P0325]        
  Alstahaug, Nordland, Norway [P0076]     66°01'09.00"N 12°36'07.00"E
  Älvsbacka, Värmland, Sweden [P0220]        
  Åmål, Västra Götaland, Sweden [P0225]        
  Andø, Herøy, Nordland, Norway [P0081]        
  Arensburg, Øsel, Lifland [P0050]     58°14'53.00"N 22°30'14.00"E
  Arvika, Vermland, Sweden [P0025]        
  Ås [P0051]   Norway 59°39'49.00"N 10°47'27.00"E
  Asak, Sørum, Akershus, Norway [P0166]        
  Aspberg, Segerstad, Värmland, Sweden [P0215]        
  Asper, Ullensaker, Akershus, Norway [P0320]        
  Assertorp, Skaane, Sweden [P0207]        
  Aurskog, Akershus, Norway [P0165]        
B Bahus [P0239]        
  Bakklandet, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0045]     63°25'58.00"N 10°24'37.00"E
  Berg, Nedre Ullerud, Värmland, Sweden [P0209]        
  Berg, Nor, Värmland, Sweden [P0269]        
  Berg, Sørum, Akershus, Norway [P0160]        
  Bergen Domkirke, Bergen, Norway [P0088]        
  Bergen [P0021]   Norway 60°23'34.00"N 5°19'26.00"E
  Bergenshus, Bergen, Norway [P0062]        
  Berger, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway [P0324]        
  Berntsbråten, Eidsvoll, Akershus, Norway [P0306]        
  Bjørnholt, Nittedal, Akershus, Norway [P0322]        
  Bjørnør, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0026]     64°10'00.00"N 10°14'00.00"E
  Bjørnsrud [P0162]   Norway    
  Blaker, Sørum, Akershus, Norway [P0168]        
  Blekstad, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0069]        
  Bolken [P0339]   Norway    
  Borgen, Sørum, Akershus, Norway [P0161]        
  Botilsäter, Värmland, Sweden [P0224]        
  Botne, Vestfold, Norway [P0111]        
  Bråne, Glava, Värmland, Sweden [P0216]        
  Bratgjerd, Osen, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0104]     64°17'55.00"N 10°30'46.00"E
  Bremanger, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway [P0013]     61°46'07.00"N 5°17'20.00"E
  Brenna, Øvre Romsaas, Aker, Akershus, Norway [P0303]        
  Brynie [P0350]   Norway    
  Buhreladen, Oslo, Norway [P0296]   Norway    
  By, Glava, Värmland, Sweden [P0229]        
C Carlsfors Bruk, Sillerud, Värmland, Sweden [P0280]        
D Dal, Eidsvoll, Akershus, Norway [P0163]        
  Davik, Sogn og Fjordande, Norway [P0043]     61°53'00.00"N 5°32'00.00"E
  Denstad, Stadsbygd, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0254]        
  Døhlen, Nannestad, Akershus, Norway [P0260]        
  Domkirken, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0253]        
  Dybæk [P0191]        
E Edsberg Søndra, Segerstad, Värmland, Sweden [P0212]        
  Eidal [P0307]   Norway    
  Eidsvoll [P0089]   Norway 60°19'49.00"N 11°15'41.00"E
  Ellinge [P0142]        
  Enger, Oslo, Norway [P0333]        
  Erserud, Botilsäter, Värmland, Sweden [P0223]        
F Færnebo, Vermland, Sweden [P0028]        
  Fagerheim. Vestre Aker, Akershus, Norway [P0304]        
  Fenstad Kirke, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0070]     60°13'11.00"N 11°23'33.00"E
  Filipstad, Vermland, Sweden [P0027]        
  Finstad, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0310]        
  Fjeldet, Fenstad, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0301]        
  Flakstad, Nordland, Norway [P0078]        
  Forsby Bruk, Sillerud, Värmland, Sweden [P0156]        
  Føykerud, Rødenæs, Østfold, Norway [P0060]        
  Framstad, Gran, Oppland, Norway [P0283]        
  Frederos Bruk, Gunnarskog, Värmland, Sweden [P0279]        
  Froland, Aust-Agder, Norway [P0275]        
  Frøshaug, Hole, Buskerud, Norway [P0103]     60°04'48.00"N 10°16'42.00"E
  Frykerud, Värmland, Sweden [P0270]        
G Gamle Aker Kirke [P0101]   Norway    
  Gennerup Kirke [P0240]        
  Gjelsnes, Sør-Odal. Hedmark, Norway [P0034]        
  Gjerdrup, Slagelse, Sjælland, Denmark [P0052]     55°16'43.47"N 11°18'46.87"E
  Gjersrudhagen, Gjersrud, Østre Aker, Akershus, Norway [P0294]        
  Gladsaxe, Skåne, Sweden [P0174]        
  Glava [P0024]   Sweden 59°33'00.00"N 12°33'00.00"E
  Gøteborggata 22, Oslo, Norway [P0287]        
  Gran [P0056]   Norway 60°23'34.00"N 10°33'37.00"E
  Grava, Värmland, Sweden [P0214]        
  Grinchelsrud, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0131]        
  Grorud, Oslo, Norway [P0120]        
  Grue [P0037]   Norway 60°27'04.00"N 12°03'17.00"E
  Grums, Värmland, Sweden [P0271]        
  Gudbrandsrud, Nes, Buskerud, Norway [P0309]        
  Gundestrup, Denmark [P0144]        
  Gunnarskog, Värmland, Sweden [P0278]        
  Guttelsvik, Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0114]        
H Haavind, Tyristrand, Hole, Buskerud, Norway [P0178]        
  Habberstad [P0351]   Norway    
  Hagadal, Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0109]        
  Hagen, Ål, Buskerud, Norway [P0314]        
  Hagen, Blekstad, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0288]        
  Halmstad Kirke [P0194]        
  Halsvik, Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0108]        
  Hammarö, Värmland, Sweden [P0218]        
  Hammer [P0353]   Norway    
  Haraldstad, Romedal, Hedmark, Norway [P0152]        
  Harbak, Stokksund, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0105]     64°05'00.00"N 10°03'00.00"E
  Haugerud, Nannestad, Akershus, Norway [P0183]        
  Helsingborg Slot [P0196]        
  Helsingør, Denmark [P0236]        
  Hernes, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway [P0010]     60°13'00.00"N 11°51'00.00"E
  Herøy, Nordland, Norway [P0006]     65°59'03.00"N 12°17'21.00"E
  Hershögden, Grums, Värmland, Sweden [P0272]        
  Hikkebjerg [P0238]        
  Hillerød [P0173]   Denmark    
  Hof [P0018]   Norway 60°33'00.00"N 12°01'00.00"E
  Hole, Buskerud, Norway [P0102]     60°04'48.00"N 10°16'42.00"E
  Holstesgade 4, Oslo, Norway [P0327]        
  Holtet [P0097]   Norway 60°33'00.00"N 12°01'00.00"E
  Holum, Ullensaker, Akershus, Norway [P0319]        
  Horgen, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0158]        
  Hovin kirke, Ullensaker, Akershus, Norway [P0115]        
  Høvind, Akers Prestegjeld [P0203]        
  Hundstad, Hole, Buskerud, Norway [P0181]        
  Hvattum, Gran, Oppland, Norway [P0059]     60°22'00.00"N 10°34'00.00"E
I Ihle, Ullensaker, Akershus, Norway [P0091]     60°08'38.00"N 11°10'27.00"E
  Imshaugstua, Aurskog, Akershus, Norway [P0164]        
J Jacob kirke, Oslo, Norway [P0116]        
  Jonsbol, Hammarö, Värmland, Sweden [P0219]        
  Jonsrud [P0155]   Norway    
K Kalbakken, Oslo, Norway [P0119]        
  Kårne, Grava, Värmland, Sweden [P0213]        
  Kiran, Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0008]     64°08'00.00"N 10°09'00.00"E
  Kirkegårdsgata 1, Oslo, Norway [P0298]        
  Kittilsplassen, Ål, Buskerud, Norway [P0147]        
  Kjerstad, Nannestad, Akershus, Norway [P0261]        
  Kjølstad [P0263]   Norway    
  Klarupgaard, Aalborg, Denmark [P0171]     57°01'06.00"N 10°03'51.00"E
  Klundsæter [P0098]   Norway 60°33'00.00"N 12°01'00.00"E
  Knappstad, Glava, Värmland, Sweden [P0217]        
  København [P0137]   Denmark    
  Køping Kirke [P0205]        
  Korbøl [P0318]   Norway    
  Korsgaarden, Åsnes, Hedmark, Norway [P0004]        
  Kragerud, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway [P0321]        
  Kragerud [P0038]   Norway    
  Kristiania Baptistmenighet, Oslo, Norway [P0133]        
  Krødsherad, Buskerud, Norway [P0146]        
  Krogsrud, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway [P0036]        
  Krogstad, Egers Prestegjeld, Buskerud, Norway [P0200]        
  Krybelsrud [P0352]   Norway    
  Kvam, Fron, Oppland, Norway [P0259]        
  Kvisle [P0149]   Norway    
  Kvislemoen [P0331]   Norway    
L Lade, Strinda, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0250]        
  Lademoen, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0044]     63°26'12.00"N 10°25'49.00"E
  Lakkegata 75 [P0285]   Norway    
  Land [P0065]   Norway    
  Langset Kirke, Eidsvoll, Akershus, Norway [P0094]     60°24'00.00"N 11°15'00.00"E
  Låvegg, Nes, Akershus, Norway [P0132]        
  Lesje, Oppland, Norway [P0061]     62°12'00.00"N 8°33'00.00"E
  Lilledalen, Stavnäs, Värmland, Sweden [P0230]        
  Lillegaarden, Lade, Strinda, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0252]        
  Ljødal, Eidsvoll, Akershus, Norway [P0290]        
  Löfåsen, Nor, Värmland, Sweden [P0127]        
  Lørenskog [P0113]   Norway    
  Lund [P0245]        
  Lund Domkirke [P0190]        
  Lund, Ullensaker, Akershus, Norway [P0328]        
  Lundhaug, Stadsbygd, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0257]        
  Lydum, Denmark [P0237]        
M Maaø, Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0106]        
  Malmø [P0140]   Sweden    
  Mangset, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway [P0086]     60°15'16.00"N 11°40'56.00"E
  Marstrandgate 2, Oslo, Norway [P0289]        
  Måvika, Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0107]        
  Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada [P0317]        
  Melhus [P0255]   Norway    
  Moe [P0049]   Norway 60°27'04.00"N 12°03'17.00"E
  Mogenstrup Kirke [P0241]        
  Moholt, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0019]     63°24'00.00"N 10°26'00.00"E
  Molden [P0282]   Norway    
  Møllergata 7, Oslo, Norway [P0299]        
  Mörnersberg, Nor, Värmland, Sweden [P0268]        
  Morstad [P0123]   Norway    
  Myren, Bremanger, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway [P0040]        
N Næs [P0210]   Sweden    
  Nannestad [P0100]   Norway 60°13'01.00"N 11°00'43.00"E
  Nedås, Nedre Ullerud, Värmland, Sweden [P0211]        
  Nedre Ullerud [P0124]   Sweden    
  Nes [P0074]   Norway 60°07'21.00"N 11°27'56.00"E
  Nes [P0308]   Norway    
  Nittedal [P0003]   Norway 60°02'34.00"N 10°52'54.00"E
  Nor [P0128]   Sweden    
  Norderhov [P0177]   Norway    
  Nordfligan, Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0110]        
  Nordmannsgata 14, Oslo, Norway [P0295]   Norway    
  Nordtvedt, Aker, Akershus, Norway [P0121]        
  Normannsgata 14 [P0284]   Norway    
  Noss [P0312]   Norway    
  Nyed [P0126]   Sweden    
O Odense [P0143]   Denmark    
  Øktner [P0035]   Norway 60°15'15.00"N 11°40'50.00"E
  Olaskøya [P0300]   Norway    
  Ommestad [P0148]   Norway    
  Oppi [P0048]   Norway 60°15'16.00"N 11°40'56.00"E
  Oppland [P0039]   Norway 60°14'26.00"N 10°23'09.00"E
  Oscarsgate 46, Oslo, Norway [P0336]        
  Osen, Bjørnør, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0084]     64°17'55.00"N 10°30'46.00"E
  Oslo Domkirke, Oslo, Norway [P0118]        
  Oslo [P0000]   Norway 59°56'58.00"N 10°45'23.00"E
  Östanås, Älvsbacka, Värmland, Sweden [P0221]        
  Østre Aker Kirke, Akershus, Norway [P0068]        
  Overekset, Stadsbygd, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0047]        
  Övre Rud [P0235]   Sweden    
P Paulus Kirke, Oslo, Norway [P0075]        
  Petrus Kirken, Oslo, Norway [P0071]        
  Prestegaarden [P0151]   Norway    
  Prestelien [P0150]   Norway    
R Rådetorp [P0125]   Sweden    
  Refsum [P0315]   Norway    
  Revsnes, Åfjord, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0016]     64°02'00.00"N 10°04'00.00"E
  Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway [P0117]        
  Rime Søndre [P0313]   Norway    
  Ringebu Præstegaard, Ringebu, Oppland, Norway [P0302]        
  Roan, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0020]     64°09'01.00"N 10°18'09.00"E
  Rødenes, Østfold, Norway [P0058]     59°35'00.00"N 11°36'00.00"E
  Rødtvedt, Oslo, Norway [P0130]        
  Røgle, Skåne, Sweden [P0172]        
  Rombotten [P0264]   Sweden    
  Romedal [P0153]   Norway    
  Romsaas [P0090]   Norway    
  Rønsen [P0093]   Norway    
  Røseng, Norderhov, Buskerud, Norway [P0176]        
  Roskilde [P0139]   Denmark    
  Rovold [P0099]   Norway 60°13'01.00"N 11°00'43.00"E
  Rud [P0326]   Norway    
  Rud [P0175]   Norway    
  Rustad, Nor, Värmland, Sweden [P0266]        
  Rygge, Østfold, Norway [P0054]     59°24'22.00"N 10°41'34.00"E
  Ryslinge Kirke [P0249]        
  Rytterager, Hole, Buskerud, Norway [P0180]        
S Sagberget, Stadsbygd, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0256]        
  Sagene Kirke, Oslo, Norway [P0145]        
  Sand [P0355]   Norway    
  Sander, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway [P0031]     60°13'00.00"N 11°49'00.00"E
  Schleppegrells gate 26, Oslo, Norway [P0286]        
  Segerstad [P0022]   Sweden 59°23'00.00"N 13°14'00.00"E
  Seilduksgata 11, Oslo, Norway [P0291]        
  Sem Kirke [P0202]        
  Sillerud, Värmland, Sweden [P0157]        
  Silvalen, Herøy, Nordland, Norway [P0005]     65°59'03.00"N 12°17'21.00"E
  Sjørbotten [P0096]   Norway 60°33'00.00"N 12°01'00.00"E
  Skållerud, Frykerud, Värmland, Sweden [P0273]        
  Skarsten, Davik, Sogn og Fjordande, Norway [P0042]        
  Skedsmo [P0030]   Norway 60°00'00.00"N 11°03'00.00"E
  Skien, Telemark, Norway [P0092]     59°12'34.00"N 9°36'32.00"E
  Skimmeli, Stadsbygd, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0258]        
  Skjersnæs [P0201]        
  Skovgaard [P0248]        
  Södra Segerstad, Segerstad, Värmland, Sweden [P0231]        
  Sofieberg, Gunnarskog, Värmland, Sweden [P0277]        
  Sør-Odal [P0011]   Norway 60°15'16.00"N 11°40'56.00"E
  Sørgaard, Stokksund, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0083]        
  Sørum [P0057]   Norway 59°59'13.00"N 11°14'24.00"E
  Spenningsby, Hakkadal, Akershus, Norway [P0129]        
  Spesserud, Glava, Värmland, Sweden [P0232]        
  St Knuds Kirke, Odense [P0206]        
  St. Peders Kirke, Malmø, Sweden [P0189]        
  Stadsbygd, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0046]   Norway 63°30'00.00"N 10°05'00.00"E
  Stadum, Hole, Buskerud, Norway [P0182]        
  Stavnäs [P0222]   Sweden    
  Steinbeck, Germany [P0305]        
  Stenaunet, Lade, Strinda, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0251]        
  Stenshaugen, Grorud, Aker, Norway [P0122]        
  Stokkøy, Åfjord, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0009]     64°03'00.00"N 9°59'00.00"E
  Stokksund, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0007]     64°02'00.00"N 10°03'00.00"E
  Storgata 40, Oslo, Norway [P0293]        
  Størsrud [P0167]   Norway    
  Strøm [P0032]   Norway 60°14'00.00"N 11°46'00.00"E
  Strømmen [P0015]   Norway 59°57'00.00"N 11°00'00.00"E
  Stubberud, Älgå, Värmland, Sweden [P0233]        
  Svanø, Kinn, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway [P0087]     61°33'00.00"N 4°47'00.00"E
  Svindal [P0281]   Norway    
T Taugland [P0159]   Norway    
  Tenden, Herøy, Nordland, Norway [P0136]        
  Toftesgate 25, Oslo, Norway [P0297]        
  Toftholm [P0244]        
  Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway [P0112]        
  Torshaug gate 20, Oslo, Norway [P0335]        
  Torup [P0243]        
  Tøyen Kirke, Oslo, Norway [P0134]        
  Træ, Froland, Aust-Agder, Norway [P0276]        
  Tronbøl [P0323]   Norway    
  Trondheim [P0002]   Norway 63°25'49.00"N 10°23'42.00"E
  Trondheims kongsgård, Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway [P0138]        
  Tveter [P0095]   Norway 60°08'38.00"N 11°10'27.00"E
  Tyristand, Hole, Buskerud, Norway [P0179]        
U Ugerup, Gærds Herred, Køpinge, Skåne, Sweden [P0204]        
  Ulen, Akers Prestegjeld [P0197]        
  Ullensaker [P0017]   Norway 60°08'38.00"N 11°10'27.00"E
  Ullerup, Denmark [P0170]        
  Ulshagaplassen [P0184]   Norway    
  Urup [P0198]        
  Urup Kirke [P0199]        
  Uthuus [P0349]   Norway    
V Valla, Vega, Nordland, Norway [P0082]        
  Vang, Hedmark, Norway [P0064]     61°07'32.00"N 8°34'18.00"E
  Vapnø [P0192]        
  Varberg [P0242]        
  Värmskog [P0265]   Sweden    
  Västra Rud, Stavnäs, Värmland, Sweden [P0226]        
  Vega [P0079]   Norway 65°40'31.00"N 11°57'28.00"E
  Vega [P0080]   Norway 65°40'31.00"N 11°57'52.00"E
  Vennesgard [P0055]   Norway    
  Verøy, Nordland, Norway [P0077]     67°40'00.00"N 12°40'00.00"E
  Vestby [P0169]   Norway    
  Vestergotland [P0246]        
  Vestre Aker Kirke, Aker, Akershus, Norway [P0072]        
  Vettal [P0329]   Norway    
  Vik [P0063]   Norway 61°05'19.00"N 6°35'06.00"E
  Vinger, Hedmark, Norway [P0135]        
  Vissle, Glava, Värmland, Sweden [P0227]        
  Vor Frue Kirke, København, Denmark [P0193]        
  Vram Kirke [P0208]        
Y Ystad klosterkirke [P0247]        
  Ytre Hernes, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway [P0033]        
  Yttre Rud, Glava, Värmland, Sweden [P0228]