This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Svindal. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner
Ingeborg [I0522] 1806-12-28   Gustaf Petersson Nyqvist [I0521]
Berte [I1016] 1774-03-02   Ole Hansen [I1015]
Marthe Olea [I1017] 1811-10-09    
Berte Maria [I1018] 1798-07-30    
Olene [I1019] 1803-09-18    
Ingeborg Marie [I1020] about 1800 1801-02-01  
Berte [I1023] 1772-04-12 1773-09-12  
Ole [I1024] 1776-12-26    
Marta [I1025] 1779-12-12    
Guttorm [I1026] 1782-09-01    
Ingebor Marie [I1027] 1785-11-25    
Anders [I1028] 1788-07-13    
Engebret [I1029] 1791-07-31    
Hans [I1030] 1794-09-21    
Engebret [I1126] 1719-09-17   Marthe Olsdatter [I1127]
Guttorm [I1131] 1700-02-11   Ingeløv Pålsdatter Rud [I1132]
Povel [I1133] 1721-02-02    
Marthe [I1134] 1723-01-31    
Eli [I1135] 1724-10-01 1725-08-15  
Eli [I1136] 1726-05-19    
Lars [I1137]      
Inger [I1138]      
Anna [I1139]      
Engelbret [I1156]   1713-12-03 Marthe Sivertsdatter [I1157]
Haagen [I1158] 1702-10-08    
Erik [I1159] 1705-11-15