This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Rønsen. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner
Alv [I0970] about 1706 about 1759 Ingrid Gulliksdatter [I0971]
Anna [I0977] about 1756    
Bernt Petter [I0293] 1839-09-06 1911-03-31 Dorthea Larsdatter Ihle [I0294]
Birthe [I0975] about 1738    
Gulich [I0972] about 1746    
Gunild [I0974] before 1738    
Hans Christian [I0654] about 1835    
Ingeborg Marie [I0656] about 1833    
Inger [I0968] 1827-11-22 1827-11-22  
Inger [I0304] 1803 1886-08-11 Henrik Larsen Ljødal [I0303], Lars Larsen Rønsen [I0657]
Kirsten [I0976] about 1741    
Lars [I0653] about 1829    
Lars [I0657] about 1818   Inger Pedersdatter Rønsen [I0304]
Margrethe [I0969] 1827-11-22 1827-11-22  
Martine Hendrikke [I0658] about 1848    
Niels [I0973] about 1752    
Ole [I0655] 1843-07-22    
Peder [I0965] about 1743 1828-08-09 Marthe Olsdatter [I0967], Goro Rasmusdatter [I0966]